Caption Contest Winners

The Walk a Mile for a Camel Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

(CBS NEWS 60 MINUTES/Handout/Reuters)


First: Greg TintiI didn’t realize you were that close with Mel Gibson…

Second: charles austinMike Wallace calms a jittery President Ahmadenijad by telling him that the ticking sound he hears is just the introduction to his news program.

Third: spacemonkey“You had me at ‘Wipe Israel off the map'”

Honorable Mention:

SgtFluffyWallace: Man I love your work Yakov

MattGreetings from the Great Satan

MaggieYou must know, I’ve never met a dictator I didn’t adore!

yetanotherjohnGuy in the back: “I swear if that infidel doesn’t keep his hands to himself, I’ll kill him no matter what Ahmadinejad says about useful dupes.”

charles austin“Oh no, no, no, no. I assure you that I have more contempt for America than you President Ahmadenijad.”

Truth in Advertising Award

charles austin(CBS NEWS 60 MINUTES/Handout/Reuters) — Well, that really says it all now, doesn’t it?

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

“You must remember your secret Iranian name Mike, Mustaf Herod Apyur Poupr”

“No, no, Dan Rather is the one with the frequency”

I do not think “bend over and bleat” is a proper greeting.

Wallace: “So you want me to deliver two tubes of Camel Lube to your cousin Aful furees La’am, but it must be mixed before I land in the US, for ultimate freshness? No problem.”

Wallace: “I swear its true. The birthmark on my tuckus looks just like the prophet mohammad.”

The Thursday contest is visiting with Hogzillah.

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