Caption Contest Winners

The Summer Nghts Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

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The Winners

First: MarkThat’s funny, I thought it was only the British judges who wore the funny white wigs.
What’s that? Oh, sorry. . .

Second: McGeheeO’Connor: “Mr. President, now that I’m retiring the truth can finally be told.”
Bush: “I knew it — Ginsburg is really a guy.”
O’Connor: “Well, yes. But what I wanted to tell you is, Breyer isn’t.”

Third: Steven L. – “What happens in chambers stays in chambers, right?”

Honorable Mention:

Scott P “Pssst, Sandy. Lunch is over, lose the napkin. . .”

Ingress – “Thanks for the Presidency, girlfriend.”

melvin toast – Nothing comes between me and my black robe. . . Nothing. . .
melvin toast – I’ve noticed that I never see you and mom in the same place at the same time. . .

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel (with a Special Guest Appearance by JAY)

Jay – Bush: So you are saying that I shouldn’t nominate Ann Coulter to fill your vacancy?

The Thursday contest has already started.

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