Caption Contest Winners

The Great Escape Clause Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

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The Winners:

First: Michael DemmonsLiquor Store’s open!

Second: AndersonThis year, only two tourists were trampled in the annual Running of the Kringles.

Third: SgtFluffyQuick guys, RUN!!! It’s the ACLU!!

Honorable Mention:

Hermoine – The reindeer strike galvanized Santa to clone himself and do away with the whole caribou thing.

Barrett Metzler – First one to the house gets the milk and cookies.

Don McArthurDepartment of Homeland Security identifies ‘devious yet ingenious’ jihadist plot to infiltrate U.S.

Venomous Kate“Nobody at the Santa parade knew who was responsible for putting Ex-Lax in the eggnog…”

Kevin MurphyOutsourcing hits the North Pole

elliot – Not wanting to waste one minute, these Santa’s hurry to the nearest brothel, after all they only come once a year.

yetanotherjohnThe ‘dress like Santa’ day certainly seems more popular than the ‘talk like a pirate’ day.

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

“Yep, Abramoff has been pretty hard to replace.”

It takes a Santa village to amaze a child.

Black and white and red all over.

David Letterman’s How Many Men in Santa Costumes can you Get Into Congress contest was more successful than anticipated.

New on Fox, Santa Run, starring Marion Barry as the Snowman

The Thursday contest is already smoking.

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