Caption Contest Winners

The Fly Out Of The Sock Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Many excellent captions for this contest, more than the ones honored below.

The Winners:

First: Scott_T – Charlie Brown’s 1st plane.

Second: Caliban Darklock – No matter how hard they tried, Al Qaeda just couldn’t seem to find good people anymore.

Third: madmatt – The short lived resurgence of Air America

Honorable Mention:

Steven L. – “As God is my witness I thought he (Teddy Kennedy) had enough wild turkey to fly” ?

charles austin – So the Garps still haven’t taken that plane down out of their treehouse?

charles austin – FAA investigators continue to search for the root causes of this morning’s light plane crash near Bill Kelso Field.

elliot – “Are you sure you’re a pilot?” “No, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night”

floyd – Looks like “Sky King” will have to take up “Hi-king”

yetanotherjohnThe FAA rejected the pilots explanation of a “Whomping willow” as the cause of the crash.

GollumIndignant, Jeff noted that he had successfully avoided the grain elevator, the water tower and the electric wires.

Second Hand Lions Lines Award

Russell Newquist“As near as I can tell, they were trying to fly through that barn upside down.”

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

It was the success of Pelosi’s Air Academy that lead her to apply the same principles to a political career.

Borat learns to fly.

The Thursday Contest is already celebrating Fat Tuesday.

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