Caption Contest Winners

The DREAMM for TOMMORROW Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.




The Winners:

First: charles austin“Hsut up!”

Second: manning – Oh S**t on the American Dream, I am talking about MY dream!

Third: McCainThese end zone celebrations are going much too far.

Honorable Mention:

RT“Well, someone had to have said Beetlejuice three times. I’m here aren’t I?”

markm – Ok folks, quick impression of Monica’s ass.

Roger – “Touchdown! Crap…still a year to go.”

stillearly – “Don’t worry, my health care plan will only screw you by this much.”

John425 – “…and So, my fellow AMWAY dealers…”

Scott_T – …And then I climbed out of Rodney Dill’s last caption contest like this…..

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

Hillary’s impression of ‘Touchdown Jesus.’

…well if Karl Rove was still around the sign would’ve said ‘DREAMM’

“I’m upping the standard for leadership in this country, so now up yours.”

The itsbeer Monday Contest is already signalling for overtime.

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