Caption Contest Winners

The Christo-Cola Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.



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First: Cowboy BlobThe diabolical Diet Coke and Mentos IED.

Second: MikeM – After Anubis left London, he partied in Sao Paulo.

Third: JimI thought you were supposed to bring the ice.


ElmoImams today, all across the Middle-East, called for a fatwa against the decadent West, and their satanic soda.

yetanotherjohn – Bottle rockets … they’re not just for the Fourth of July anymore.

BitheadLook, Marge, I don’t care HOW much we save by buying in bulk…

chsw – Litter in Brobdinag.

Patrick Kovchok – I’m having second thoughts about using the lowest cost bidder for the construction of our new missile submarines.

Maggie Mama – President Lech Kaczynski announced that Poland’s currently outdated missile defenses will be replaced in the near future with ten US interceptor missiles.


Launching components for new US Bottle Rocket missile system were inadvertantly shipped to Taiwan

…and with the addition of mentos it becomes the backbone of our missile defense system.

I don’t care how big they are… the return deposit is only 10 cents.

The hillarygirlThursday Contest has Spiny Norman’s girlfriend.

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