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The Wide Right Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.



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First: markm – At truly bizarre Presidential presser in Iraq, one of the Detroit Lions quarterbacks showed up to fire a long pass for the President….oddly, he missed.

Second: raoul – What’s for dinner: sole or duck.

Third: Floyd – “Dubbya” later exclaims… GEE!! That’s not fair!… They threw PANTIES at my predecessor!


ManiakesWeekly World News has obtained this exclusive photo proving that President Bush is actually the superhero “The Flash”.

Dantheman – President Bush learns the difference between the Sunni and Shoeite branches of Islam.

Maggie Mama – One for the money, two for the shoe

charles austinThe Manolo, he throws like a girl.

Jim – Now, that’s a lame duck!

Triumph – Mission Accomplished

elliot – Finally, Dubya found his WMD’s… “Wingtips of Mass Destruction”


Obamagram for Mongo!

“Oh look a quarter, (THUD) What wazzat?”

Nike’s newest — Just Do It — promo.

Maliki: “Kobe! …He is open…”

Dubya; “Tain’t nuthin’… Helen Thomas usually flings feces…”

“Kerry… Put down the flip-flops.”

After the third shoe Maliki began to suspect that some nuclear material was still squirreled away somewhere in Iraq.

The daretorideThursday Contest was hoping for better accomodations.

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  1. markm says:

    Daggun’…tis a roll i’m on!!!…though not quite the roll the Lions are on….hmmph!!.

  2. markm says:

    Oh, thanks R.D.!.