Caption Contest Winners

The Bactrian to the Future Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

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The Winners

First: JoCindy Sheehan practices for her citizenship test before moving to Iraq

Second: Mr. RightAnd at the wire, it’s Osama’s Mama by a nose!

Third: BitheadOnce the race was done, they all went back to the Camelot.

Honorable Mention:

Dr. ZubovAs oil prices climb American citizens search for alternative methods of transportation

DL – Since British law now forbids the use of horses to chase foxes, several enterprizing hunt clubs have taken other legal means to enjoy their bloodsport.

Mythilt – Interviewer, “So Al’ Tabuli, what is your secret for winning races?”
Camel Jockey Al’Tabuli, “I have a vet at the starting line with two bricks in plain sight of the camel.”

The Marty Feldman Award

BitheadHump?, what hump?

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

Rebrand Democrat

Football is a metaphor for life.
Golf is a metaphor for life.
Camel Racing is a metaphor for life, if you’re Paris Hilton.

The Thursday contest has already been started.

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