Monday’s OTB Caption ContestTM has concluded. A particularly good batch this time.

The winners:

1st: Rodney Dill. Multiple submissions, most notably “Sorry Miss, American Idol auditions are closed.” and “Merely returning home from the all night buffet at Ho-Jo’s, Ally Kyda could not have foreseen the bizarre chain of events that would transpire when she introduced herself to the nice looking policeman.”

2nd: Kevin Aylward, “Shirley Hemphill is forcibly removed from the big budget Hollywood remake of “What’s Happening”. Producers said they were going in a different direction with the quick-witted waitress character for the movie. Shirley did not take the news well.”

3rd: Hodink, “Prison was not kind to Martha Stewart.”

Honorable Mentions: Laurence Simon, “BULK SMASH!”

Graham Lester, “University of Michigan lawyers have discovered a loophole in the Supreme Court’s decision and the enforced enrollment of minority students has begun in earnest.”

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