Caption Contest Winners

The …But We Invented it First Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

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The Winners

First: The ManOne of these two is a relic of a failed system, the other is missing a nose.

Second: Hermoine – “I broke it off, but … as you can see I have raised my right hand and I will give the Scout’s Honor or recite the Pledge of Allegiance (sans the ‘under God’ part) or slap myself in the face … whatever … just don’t make me go back to Crawford, Texas again.”

Third: Brandon JaynesI broke it off, but since I’m not the leader of a democracy, I don’t have to answer to you!

Honorable Mention:

Brian J.“Ooh, ooh, I know! Man! For he crawls on all fours as a child, walks upright as an adult, and then uses a cane in old age,” Putin answered, oddly enough, on Mother’s Day.

John – All Hail King PUT!!

KennyVlad couldn’t qualify at home, so he searched out abroad before finally landing an appearance on Egyptian Idol.

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

“OK, I broke it off, but more importantly, I saved $187.00 with GEICO.”

woo hoo – woo hoo hoo
woo hoo – woo hoo hoo
woo hoo – woo hoo
woo hoo – woo hoo hoo

“I didn’t break it off, but I saw that Rodney Dill did.”

The (much harder) Monday contest has already started.

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Rodney Dill
About Rodney Dill
Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. JW says:

    I hate to admit I posess this knowledge but—the “woohoo” tune quoted here is for Vonage Telcom coomercials, not Geico.

  2. Rodney Dill says:

    The bottom of the barrel was meant to be read as three separate captions. The Vonage commercials always mentions ‘people do stupid things,’ (like breaking of the nose of the sphinx) so I threw out the “woo hoo’s” to make people think of that.

    At least somebody is reading down to the bottom of the post 😉

  3. bithead says:

    Vonage is currently using that noise… though a few months ago, at least two orgs were using it in spots seen here in Rochester… though I don’t recall who the other was.