Caption Contest Winners

The Land Shark Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Congratulations to all, the Captions were most excellent for this contest.

(AP Photo/Chitose Suzuki)

The Winners

First: Laurence SimonAnybody seen Verne Troyer? I need to open my beer.

Second: Alex KnappA controversial new law has forced attorneys to wear hats to identify themselves…

Third: Chrees – Overheard in San Jose: “What do you mean they canceled the hockey season?â€(Go Wings)

Honorable Mention:

Roger – We need a bigger boat!

hatless in hattiesburgjust when you thought it was safe to stand in line at the concession stand. . .


Jufray – Stan smells Tuna during the PHISH-head reunion at Red Lobster.

Rodney’s Bottom of The OceanBarrel

For the fall, the new FOX reality based show. Fish, Chum, or Paris Hilton

Picture of the cover of the NY Times latest best seller —You Take Off Your Shoes To Jump On A Trampoline. . . and 100 other popular Lawyer jokes.

The Federal Government’s reversal on some forms of contraception caused some rather awkward moments for Sponge Bob Square-pants around spawning time.

“Candygram. . . Plumber . . .”

“I’m just wearing this hat for the Halibut.”

“Not tonight dear, I have a Haddock.”

“I Smell fish.”
“Naw, Bill Clinton just dropped his cigar.”

The Thursday contest has already started.

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