Donald Trump Removed From Maine Ballot

Another state has declared him an insurrectionist.

Former Congressman and Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows Former Congressman and Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows

The Implications of 11th Circuit’s Mark Meadows Decision

The denial of transfer to Federal Court could signal problems for Trump’s Presidential Immunity Claims

SCOTUS Denies Fast Track of Trump Immunity Claim

They’ve punted to the DC Circuit.

Texas Passes New Immigration Law

Billions for a wall plus a likely showdown with the feds.

Trump the Supreme Loser

He appointed a third of the Justices but has the worst record before them in modern history.

Thursday Evening Tabs

Lie down with dogs you get up with fleas edition.

[Voter Fraud Graphic] [Voter Fraud Graphic]

Voter Fraud Again Proves to be Rare

Even when it is focused on.

Headline Reaction

Political things are inherently political part the millionth.

Why Trump Will Almost Certainly Stay On The Colorado Primary Ballot

A few predictions that are going to disappoint just about everyone.

Colorado Supremes Ban Trump for Insurrection

A historic ruling likely to be overturned.

[Clarence Thomas] [Clarence Thomas]

What Role Have “Gifts” Played In Keeping Justice Thomas On The Supreme Court?

Might not be bribery, but it’s still exerting influence.

Guiliani Ordered to Pay $148 Million

A Pyrrhic victory in one of many cases against America’s mayor.

Mickey Mouse Entering Public Domain (Sort Of)

Steamboat Willie is about to be ripe for exploitation.

New York Gerrymander May Be Back

A never-ending saga of politicians choosing their voters.

Supreme Court to Hear Trump Immunity Case

The highest court has agreed to expedite a ruling on a novel question.

Hunter Biden Indicted for Tax Fraud

He faces up to 17 years in prison.

Sandra Day O’Connor, 1930-2023

The first woman to serve on the Supreme Court is gone at 93.

Trump Can Be Sued for Capitol Riots

So says a unanimous DC Circuit Court of Appeals panel.

Alex Jones and Our Weird Bankruptcy Laws

The conspirator is living large while his victims go unpaid.

American Doctor Told He’s No Longer a Citizen

A bureaucratic nightmare.

This is Fascistic

Another sad data point about current politics.

Israel and the al-Shifa Hospital

It’s likely legal and almost certainly won’t matter.

Another Judge Rejects 14th Amendment Solution

It’s going to be up to the American people to keep Trump out of the White House.

Heads of UN Agencies Call for Israeli Ceasefire

The laws of armed conflict aren’t designed for this war.

Israel Presses On Amid Calls for Ceasefire

Hamas continues to cynically manipulate the world’s humanitarian impulses.

Former Trump Attorney Chesebro Pleads Guilty & Is Cooperating

Yesterday the Kraken. Today the Cheese. Whose flipping tomorrow?

Powell Pleads Guilty in GA

She took a plea deal.

Prosecutors to Recharge Alec Baldwin

A bizarre miscarriage of justice.

An American Tragedy

We need to do better.

Israel, Hamas, and the Laws of War

It’s . . . complicated.

Fraudster Trump

The chickens are slowly coming home to roost.

SCOTUS Rejects Alabama Legislature’s Districting Plan

Yet again, the Court has told the state that it has to draw lines that accommodate its Black citizens.

[Clarence Thomas] [Clarence Thomas]

The Corruption of Justice Thomas

We need reform.

The Menendez Indictment (Updated)

Also: calls for his resignation.

Colombia’s President Calls for End of War on Drugs

He is seeking a new regional consensus.

US vs. Google

The Justice Department claims the search giant abused its power.

Electoral Fraud in Alabama

A Republican lawmaker pleads guilty.

Biden Administration Overstepped Bounds on Social Media Pressure

The 5th Circuit upholds a lower court ruling but narrows its scope considerably.

The Contemptuous Navarro

He was convicted of contempt of Congress.

Florida has to Redraw Districts

So a court has ordered.

Giuliani Defamed Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss

A federal court has ruled, now the question is one of damages.

Testing Section 3

State election officials are standing by for challenges to Trump’s right to run.

Trump’s First Federal Trial Set For 2024

For the moment, the “January 6th” trial begins on March 4th, 2024

Musical Lawyers

A shift in the legal team in GA.

War on Skiplagging Escalates

The airlines hate hidden city ticketing and are cracking down.

Federalist Society’s Leonard Leo Under Investigation

The DC district attorney’s office is looking into allegations of masssive tax fraud.

Trump Lawyers: Win Some, Lose Some

They chose the ticket, now they are going for the ride.

Why Trump Will Most Likely Be Convicted If Any Trial Moves Forward

tl;dr: Trump is a nightmare client & nightmare clients don’t do well in criminal courts

The image is released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0 via pXhere The image is released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0 via pXhere

Raining On Parades

With the help of Popehat, I call out issues with the Fulton County case &, in doing so, piss everyone off

The Georgia Case is Different

It’s the only one that puts all the piece together.