The State of America’s Political Parties

One party is divided on how to govern and the other is united in not governing.

Stephen Breyer’s Retirement Timing

Should he be worried about the appearance of partisan gaming?

Trump, the Rule of Law, and Normalization

Even incredibly abnormal Presidents are Presidents.

FBI Supplied Encrypted Comms to Criminal Networks

A massive sting operation has been revealed.

DOJ Will Defend Trump’s Rape Denial

A typical case of American blind justice.

DOJ Recovers Half of Colonial Pipeline Ransom

Some good news in the hacking wars.

Unanimous SCOTUS Keeps Immigration Catch-22 in Place

The law and justice are frequently not the same thing.

Biden’s Justice Department and the Press

Vague reporting makes it hard to know whether the latest scandal is scandalous.

No, Flynn Shouldn’t be Court-Martialed

Retired generals are no longer in the military.

Capitol Riots Caused $1.5 Million Damage

Prosecutors want rioters to pay for it.

Court Leaves Eviction Ban in Place

An unfunded mandate remains in place.

SCOTUS Declines Qualified Immunity Challenge

Federal police officers continue to be immune from lawsuits.

Police Perception and Race

A recent poll provides interesting insights.

Republicans and the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act

A third of the party’s Members of Congress voted against a popular bill.

New York State and City Join Forces Against Trump

Separate investigations are merging, with a criminal component being added.

Contractor Illegally Funneled $150K to Susan Collins’ Re-election Fund

An over-eager supporter or something more sinister?

Israel’s Wanton Aggression

A reckless campaign of violence has now targeted American journalists.

Amazon Wins EU Tax Haven Case

For now, at least, it can shift millions of its earnings to Luxembourg.

US Had 9 Mass Shootings This Weekend

A shocking yet unsurprising statistic.

How Long Should the Dead Rule?

Should wills have an expiration date?

Florida Mother-Daughter Face Jail for Stealing Homecoming Election

A typical case of American blind justice.

Chauvin Juror Participated in BLM Protest, Lied About It

Getting an impartial jury in an internationally-famous case is next to impossible.

Cadets participate in the Class of 2019 Graduation Parade, May 24, 2019, at West Point. (Matthew Moeller/Army) Cadets participate in the Class of 2019 Graduation Parade, May 24, 2019, at West Point. (Matthew Moeller/Army)

Thomas: Overturn Feres Doctrine

The Supreme Court justice least concerned with precedent wants to overturn a longstanding one.

Rudy Thinks he has an “Out” Clause

Rudy may not be a very good lawyer…

Chauvin’s Life in Prison

Don’t believe everything you see on TV.

Chauvin Sentencing and Lesser-Includeds

No, he can’t get up to 75 years.

Judge Declares Waters’ Comments ‘Abhorrent’

They were “disrespectful to the rule of law.”

Maxine Waters Under Fire

The latest variant of the “No Justice, No Peace” threat is unhelpful.

Everything That’s Wrong with Policing in America

Rogue cops, racial profiling, tainted cases, and the lack of consequences.

This image is released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0 via pXhere. This image is released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0 via pXhere.

The ‘Right to Inspect’ in the Internet Era

The law is out of sync with modern realities.

Marijuana Legalization’s Inevitability

It’s seemingly just a matter of time before recreational use is allowed throughout the United States.

Maryland Removes Police Protections over Hogan’s Veto

The Free State may have gotten just a little freer.

Traffic Stops and Drawn Guns

We need to rethink traffic stops.

Trump Judges Will Hit Their Peak in 2040

A quirk in our system combined with shrewd gamesmanship will give them unprecedented power.

Biden to Name Commission on Court Expansion

Fulfilling a campaign promise and keeping the discussion alive.

Virginia Legalizes Marijuana

My home state has become the first in the South to join the trend.

Gorsuch and Alito Want to Revisit Religious Accomodations

Is a de minimus standard too small?

Taking Moot to a Whole Moot Level

Overruling every case President Trump was involved in is getting silly.

‘Justice’ Difficult in Chauvin Trial

A criminal trial is a poor venue for solving society’s problems.

Omar Says Minneapolis ‘On Edge’ Over Chauvin Trial

Elected officials should not comment on ongoing legal proceedings.

Vice Among Vice Cops

When the solution is worse than the problem.

Florida Governor Bans Vaccine Passports

He probably lacks the legal authority. And business interests in is state will fight hard against him.

Capitol Police Officer Killed in Attack

A loon wolf terrorist who followed Louis Farrakhan was responsible.

Equal Injustice for All

There’s a right way and a wrong way to improve the system.

Most January 6 Rioters Won’t Go to Jail

Judges are pressuring prosecutors to strike deals, most of which will be for misdemeanors.

Transphobia, Academic Freedom, and the First Amendment

The 6th Circuit is allowing a professor fired for misgendering a transwoman to sue his state university.

Biden Urges Commonsense Gun Reform

Here we go again.