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Political things are inherently political part the millionth.

Via the Angry Baseball at National Review: There Is No Nonpolitical Case for Trying Trump before Election Day.

Reaction: there is utterly no choice in any of this can be seen as “nonpolitical.”

Indeed, the very fact it took as long as it did to indict was based, in part, on politics.

Further, purposefully pushing court action beyond Election Day because of the elections would be political.

The whole notion that this situation can, in any way, be devoid of “politics” comes across to me as someone trying to be a Very Serious Person more than anything else.

I will agree with McLaughlin as follows:

Trump should be prevented from running again for the good of the country, although it was the job of the Senate to do that, and Republican senators failed when they had the chance.

The unwillingness of McConnell and company to rally and prevent Trump from running for office in the future after his clear complicity in the events of January 6th will go down in history as a moment of utterly foolish cowardice, especially should Trump be able to return to the White House.

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  1. wr says:

    Cleary you are a commie libtard who doesn’t know anything. If it benefits Democrats, then it’s political. If it benefits Republicans, it’s not only not political, it’s actually ordained by God.


  2. KM says:

    Pollical now means “anything I disagree with” or “I don’t wanna talk about this” so it’s essentially meaningless as a qualifier.

    He should have never been allowed to get this far. The GOP made this political by not stopping their own guy before it got to this stage. He’s problematic to soooooo many people across the political spectrum but nobody wanted to stick their neck out to be That Guy. Now here we are.

    NPD people thrive like this. You’re always the bad guy for speaking up or “making a scene”. Right now we’re in the dangerous Trying To Leave phase of an abusive relationship – when you’re most likely to be hurt or killed by your abuser. Trump won’t run again in 4 years if he even makes it till then so this is it, his last shot. Enablers are telling you to go back, stop making such a fuss, why are you doing this, it can be fixed just go home. It’s controversial for you to leave, breaking up friend groups and disrupting lives so just keep it to yourself or better yet, can it wait till after the holidays?? Think of the family!

  3. Matt Bernius says:

    The Angry Baseball Man is not smart or consistent.

  4. Barry says:

    He famously said “It is intolerable to tolerate those who tolerate Jan 6.”.

    Of course, that was back when the Right thought that Jan 6 would bring the GOP actual trouble. They learned better, and could drop the act.

  5. Jay L Gischer says:

    Conversely, there is no non-political case for not trying him before election day.


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