CBS Follies Roundup

Frequent OTB commenter Delta Dave rounds up all the errors:

To summarize discrepancies noted around the blogosphere:
1. Wrong size paper
2. Use of superscript
3. Kerning of letters
4. Consecutive numbers in PO Box address
5. Apostrophes are curlicues, not the straight vertical hashmarks
6. Use of New Times Roman font
7. Wife doesn’t believe it’s from her husband
8. Son doesn’t believe it’s from her husband
9. Lt Col Killian didn’t type
10. Records are from Lt Col Killian’s “personal files”, but did not come from family members
11. Centering of unit name & Address impossible for typewriters
12. Copies exactly match replicas producted using MS Word
13. Unit ZIP Code is a Houston residential area
14. Typographic spacing is proportional
15. Order to Lt Bush to take physical is a Memo
16. Conflict with other documents in same time frame signed by Lt Col Killian portray Killian as Jekyll-and-Hyde figure
17. Every document released by the White House last February, Killian’s name is written, “JERRY B. KILLIAN, Lt. Colonel, TexANG,” the last letters referring to the Texas Air National Guard. But on the two CBS documents with Killian’s name on them, he is simply called “Lt. Colonel” or “Lt. Colonel/Commander.
18. Not directly related – Bush joined the TexANG before Barnes was Lt Gov

Quite a list.

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James Joyner
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  1. Paul says:

    and he still managed to miss a few lol

  2. Seiopoi says:

    CIA Unionist gives up another spy at Pentagon. It was a forger/y provided by FSB to give up another US military(non-unionist/non-CIA)spy.

  3. BigFire says:

    Oh, neither Dan Rather nor CBS News is backing down from this story. There will be no internal investigation. The fun is just getting started folks.

  4. Beldar says:

    No. 18 is too trivial to include, IMHO. Barnes wasn’t Lieutenant Governor of Texas when Dubya signed up, but Barnes was indeed Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives from January 1965 through January 1969. He served as Lieutenant Governor from January 1969 for two two-year terms through January 1973. Both were, and are, powerful positions in Texas state government.

    This link suggests that in 1968, Barnes was a “United Nations Representative to Geneva, Switzerland.” He may well have been that, but if so, it was likely an honorary or at most part-time job. The Texas Legislature only meets in regular session for 180 days once every two years (allegedly the most terrible typographical error in the Texas Constitution, according to wags who insist it was intended to say once every 180 years for two days), so most legislators keep their “day jobs” and have lots of time for resume burnishing.

    The one part of Barnes’ stories that you can believe is his claim that he was a big-time influence peddler throughout the late 1960s until his disgrace and rejection by the voters in the 1972 elections as a result of the Sharpstown Scandal.

  5. Seiopoi says:

    Democracy Corps(survey) is worse than the Circus coming to town. Do they mean CIA or Peace Corps?

  6. Attila Girl says:

    I have a pretty comprehensivel list here—26 problems in all.

  7. carpeicthus says:

    Wow. Score one for the collective, it seems.

    Who the fuck would forge a typewritten document in WORD? For one thing, there’s a noticable difference between a printer and a typewriter on the physical page. Weird.

  8. Attila Girl says:

    The perpetrators were pretty young (and the fact-checkers at CBS, asleep).