Megan McArdle has some interesting comments about the implications of the evidence that Wesley Clark apparently did not call the White House, let alone offer to become a Republican if they’d only have him.

The thing that puzzles me about the whole thing is, Why? I can’t think of too many stories that would be more damaging to a Democratic candidate than that he is only a Democrat save the fact that the Republicans didn’t want him. So, why would you make up a story claiming to be a weasel when, in fact, you’re not that particular type of weasel?

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James Joyner
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  1. joy says:

    Because he wants (for some reason) to come off as the I’m so smart and everybody wants me candidate.

    In this case, he’s trying to communicate that the Republicans are so silly for not wanting him to be their man.

  2. Paul says:

    I dunno… Clark has made some pretty weird statements.

    He said the administration called him on 9/11 when they obviously did not.

    He claimed the administration got him fried from CNN although now he admits they did not…

    Now he claims this.

    Next, he will complain that George Bush is trying to mess up his daughter’s wedding.

    Not being a partisan, but this guy is sorta loopy.

  3. jen says:

    ‘Cause he’s a weasel?

  4. BigFire says:

    Nah, he had to consult with his assistant to figure out what his position on an issue a couple of weeks ago were. This is how much conviction he had.