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Michael Demmons has announced that he’s shutting down shop at Discount Blogger. He’s still enjoying it but finds blogging has been too big a diversion from real life.

I keep hearing about this “real life” but still can’t figure out what channel it’s on.

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James Joyner
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  1. Boyd says:

    You’ve been looking in the wrong place, James. It’s not a channel, it’s a URL!

  2. Ricky Vandal says:

    Blogging can use a lot of time if you let it. I think one hour a day is enough to keep up with your blog.

  3. Attila Girl says:

    I tremble with fear at the idea that James might get more of a life. That’s a lot less for the rest of us here.

  4. Ricky,

    That’s just it for me. I’ve let it consume WAY more than an hour a day. 🙂

  5. And, by the way, if blogging is what you love to do and you don’t neglect other things along the way, then it IS a real life. My problem is that I can’t really figure out how to gel my blogging and my family life in a way that keeps them #1.

    Just because something may seem out of the ordinary, doesn’t make it any less legitimate. I’ll still be here. I’ll just be reading y’all’s stuff instead of writing my own!