C’mon Jews… Show ‘Em Who Really Runs Hollywood


South Park poster "C'mon Jews... Show 'Em Who Really Runs Hollywood."

Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan for the image. Claude Brodesser-Akner provides the backstory:

A comedic capstone on all this comes via an full page, hardcover ad in today’s issue of Daily Variety. In a “For your consideration” Emmy Award ad for the infamous Tom Cruise “Trapped in the Closet” episode of “South Park,” the text reads, “C’mon Jews… Show ’em who really runs Hollywood.”

The genius of “South Park” strikes again.

Here, once again, some video excerpts of the Emmy-nominated “Trapped in the Closet.”


Gone Hollywood

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  3. South Park RULZ!…

    See here.On a related note, I think we finally know who really SHOULD run Hollyweird:  Matt and Trey……….

  4. mahesh says:

    South Park meets Scientology. Hollywood is getting weirder all the time and this video proves it. …

  5. The idea of Scientologist running Hollywood is scarier than hell. But, I refuse to believe it. Amen.

  6. […] Just classic.  This is a fully page Emmy award ad in the Daily Variety to promote South Park’s “Trapped in the Closet Episode” (hat tip:  Outside the Beltway): […]

  7. Contagion says:

    I’d really love to see this episode win an Emmy.