Colin Powell Joins Effort to Buy Washington Nationals

Powell Joins Group Bidding for Nats (WaPo)

Former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell has joined a group of Washington-based investors led by Fred Malek and Jeffrey Zients who are trying to buy the Washington Nationals.

In a statement released by the investment group, Powell, 68, said, “In Washington, we have the opportunity to reinvigorate this city and bring baseball back to a generation of youth who have lost their connection to our nation’s pastime. I’m encouraged by baseball’s efforts to diversify its ranks and its reach, and the Washington Baseball Club shares that commitment to making this team accessible to every Washingtonian. I am very impressed by the strong WBC team led by Fred Malek and Jeff Zients and their vision for a world-class baseball organization.”

Potential Jeopardy answer: “This former Secretary of State purchased a ball club in DC, where the Texas Rangers, which his boss once owned, used to play.”

Given Vernon Jordan’s involvement with the group, this announcement makes sense. They’re friends, remember?

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Robert Garcia Tagorda
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  1. jwbrown1969 says:

    I don’t car who owns the Nationals (although I don’t like MLB owning them). That seems like a lot of money for a former public servant to have to spend on a baseball team. I am not suggesting anything bad, it was just my initial reaction. I assume he has money from the speaker circuit and book sales.

  2. bryan says:

    I’m encouraged by baseball’s efforts to diversify its ranks and its reach,

    Which is why they put a team so close to another established team – to diversify its reach.