Congressional Double Standard on Warrants

WARRANTS: Not good enough for us.  Too good for you.

From an anonymous comment on an Orin Kerr post via Eugene Volokh.

Glenn Reynolds: “I’d say ‘heh,’ but it’s too accurate to be really funny.”

UPDATE: Per popular demand, t-shirts and hats now available.

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  1. Steve Verdon says:

    Ha! I love it.

  2. legion says:

    Hell yeah! Can we get this on t-shirts?

  3. blue square says:

    Nit-pick: there are two spaces between “good” and “for.” Probably too late to fix. :-/

  4. Steve Verdon says:

    Hell yeah! Can we get this on t-shirts?

    Hell, I’d buy one…heck I’d buy 2.

  5. Toobs says:

    Both parties are such a disaster right now, and the immigration issue is so confusing (as there is no clear left-right positioning of the issue), that the climate is ripe for a 3rd party to run in 2008, and screw everything up totally (like in 1992).

  6. James Joyner says:

    blue square: Fixed.

  7. Roger says:

    I’m in too. Where can we get those t-shirts?

  8. James Joyner says:

    At my brand new CafePress shop.

  9. McGehee says:


  10. Roger says:

    Great concept, James. Nice leveraging.

  11. Reason says:

    I want a t-shirt that says:

    I Am The Subject of a Government Investigation.

  12. OK, the way to really get this point across is to swamp members of congress with them… jut like the rubber stamps.