Corrections Canada Tattoo Parlours


Federal prison officials are setting up tattoo services at six correctional institutions, in spite of the concerns of guards that inmates will use the needles as weapons.

Inmates will be trained to operate the tattoo services, which are designed to stem the spread of infectious diseases such as hepatitis C.

Correctional Service Canada officials say prisoners have long used odd objects to give each other tattoos, including pieces of old VCR motors and the casings from pens. They say there’s no way to guarantee the cleanliness of such items.

(Think it can’t happen to you, America? … just keep flirting with those Massachusetts senators…)

Dr. Françoise Bouchard, the prison system’s director general of health services, said about 40 per cent of inmates already receive a tattoo from another inmate during their sentence.

“Those who are not infected are exposed to potentially acquiring disease while they are in prison,” said Bouchard. “Then, we are increasing the risk to the general population when they’re going back in the community.”

No word yet on a Penitentiary Prostitute Program.

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