Democrats to Charge Voter Fraud

Matt Drudge claims a “**World Exclusive**” for pointing out the obvious:

The Kerry/Edwards campaign and the Democratic National Committee are advising election operatives to declare voter intimidation — even if none exists, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal. A 66-page mobilization plan to be issued by the Kerry/Edwards campaign and the Democratic National Committee states: “If no signs of intimidation techniques have emerged yet, launch a ‘pre-emptive strike.'” [HIGHLIGHT OF ELECTION DAY MANUAL, NOVEMBER 2004. CLICK FOR IMAGE .JPG FILE]

The provocative Dem battle plan is to be distributed in dozens of states, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. One top DNC official confirmed the manual’s authenticity, but claimed the notion of crying wolf on any voter intimidation is “absurd.” “We all know the Republicans are going to try to steal the election by scaring people and confusing people,” the top DNC source explained.


I say this is obvious because that’s what they did in 2000 and 2002 and they’ve been laying the ground for doing it again in 2004 for more than four years. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the Democrats and their willing allies in the media have perpetuated the lie that Gore would have won Florida had the votes been counted and that the Supreme Court somehow “gave” the election to Bush. The NAACP and its ilk are claiming that the Republicans are trying to disenfranchise minority voters across the country, despite the total absence of proof.

That said, the image file that Drudge provides is horrible and doesn’t really bolster the case. It’s largely unreadable and doesn’t look particularly authentic.

Update (1642): Stephen Green has a long, eloquent post on the matter. King of Fools comments on a related matter, the potential for massive voter fraud in Ohio and why the Democrats think it’s a good thing.

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  1. Paul says:

    You need a new monitor – I can read every word easy…. new scan?

  2. BigFire says:

    I starting to think Democrats’ defination of voter fraud is whenever a Republican voter votes.

  3. legion says:

    Well, considering that, just in the last couple of days, we’ve seen stories on a GOP-funded private company in Vegas deliberately shredding Dem ballot registrations (and committing Repub-friendly shenanigans in several other states), members of the GOP’s voter registration team in several states get fired for mischief, and Repub Bill Janklow has admitted the national GOP pressures campaign workers to cheat, don’t you think there might actually _be_ something to all the Dem complaints?

  4. Mark J says:

    The Supreme Court didn’t give the election to Bush, they prevented Al Gore from continuing to take it from him. Their decision might have been a poor one, but I hate it when people mischaracterize it!

  5. LJD says:

    The main point is democrats charging voter intimidation “whether it exists or not”.

    Why wouldn’t we see stories (in the liberal media)about GOP voter complaints? The election is less than 3 weeks away! Precious little time left to get in the their jabs!

  6. Has anybody given this to Dan Rather yet?

  7. dw says:

    Is it just me, or does this look like an awful cut-and-paste job?

    I have a hard time believing this is real. If there were more pages (and in a PDF which recorded its origins), I could be convinced. I know there have been some rumors that something like this existed in Colorado. But this looks like someone cut some pieces up, stuck them on a copier, and ran off a billion copies.

    If there’s a real story, producing a fake is not a good idea.

  8. Attila Girl says:

    Who cares if the documents are real, as long as the story is authentic?

  9. a reader says: has printed its text here:

    The money line does appear: “2. If no signs of intimidation techniques have emerged yet, launch a “pre-emptive strike” (particularly well-suited to states in which there techniques have been tried in the past).”

    The campaign itself appears to be a pre-emptive strike against any widespread recognition of the actual massive voter-fraud efforts underway:

    Some of the suicide-bombers live in the mideast, and….

  10. Hal says:

    Wow! So allegations of strategies that have yet to be put into practice are far more threatening to our democracy than the very real evidence of voter registration fraud and actions of the republicans.

    Boy, y’all really have your metrics well calibrated.

  11. Scott Weber says:

    Long cut-and-paste message deleted.