Democrats Try to Out-Stupid Republicans

As President Bush continues to embarrass himself and betray his base via his nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court, Democrat poster child and intellectual retard Cindy Sheehan desperately seeks to remind us that Republicans are not the only morons in town:

Sheehan thrashing ‘war hawk’ Hillary (WND)

“I think she is a political animal who believes she has to be a war hawk to keep up with the big boys,” Sheehan writes in an open letter posted on anti-Bush filmmaker Michael Moore’s website [link]. “I would love to support Hillary for president if she would come out against the travesty in Iraq. But I don’t think she can speak out against the occupation, because she supports it. I will not make the mistake of supporting another pro-war Democrat for president again: As I won’t support a pro-war Republican.”

“I believe that the intelligent thing for Democrats to do for 2006 and 2008 would be to come out strongly and correctly against the botched, bungled, illegal, and immoral occupation of Iraq,” Sheehan added.

The case for a truly limited government keeps getting stronger, as all the predictions of personal ambition and misguided passion predicted in the Federalist Papers come to light daily.

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Leopold Stotch
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  1. Matt says:

    Cindy Sheehan isn’t necessarily the “Democratic” poster child. How many prominent Demos supported her efforts in Crawford? How many attended the anti-war protest in DC where she spoke?

    You’ll have to find a better representative than that- most Democrats take a decidedly brighter view of Hillary than Sheehan does.

  2. ken says:

    Stotch, you are one sick mfer for attacking a mother who lost her son in a war based upon lies.

    To expect her to support any politician who supports the War on Iraq is just plain nuts. Why should she want any other mother to have her child killed like hers was, for nothing?

  3. john cooke says:

    If you think that dog faced Cindy Sheehan is something to look to, how about Hiliary? God there has to be something better in life, these two could cook breakfast naked in a mens prison and the only remarks from the inmates would be “is there any more eggs”!

    john cooke

  4. McGehee says:

    So Ken — do the other mothers who’ve lost their sons in Iraq, who believe the war is the right thing to do, also have absolute moral authority, or is it only St. Cindy?

  5. An Interested Party says:

    Oh yeah, that John Cooke is real intelligent…rather than arguing against Sheehan’s and Clinton’s views, he makes a vile attack on their physical appearances. I wonder, what does Cooke’s wife (or whatever he sleeps with every night) look like? Perhaps he’s just bitter that he has no one to sleep with at night…

  6. Anderson says:

    Storch, look at your representative figures for Dems and Repubs:

    For the Dems – Sheehan, activist who has never been elected to office & in no way represents the Democratic Party, as opposed to a few lefties therein.

    For the Repubs – their President.

    The very comparison speaks well for the Dems, at least until we nominate Michael Moore.

  7. LJD says:

    Cindy Sheehan may not be a “poster child” or even an official representative of the party, but the fact remains, the Dems largely choose to stay in bed with her. The irony is: their support for her cause only goes as far as it is anti-Bush.

    You put Hillary in the driver’s seat, and not only will you see a pro-war candidate, but much of the Cindy Sheehan type of frothing-at-the-mouth will simply fade away. All in the best interest of “the people’s party” of course.

  8. Herb says:

    The Dems have so much hate within themselves that they would take up any cause to make Bush look bad, right, wrong, or indifferent.

    Ken is the perfect example of this.

    It’s truly sad that the Dems. take on causes that undermine Our Troops, Our Country, and every American that wants to rid the world of the terrorists who will slaughter every American, even the Dems, that comes in their sights.

    No doubt that Ken subscribes to what Shehan has said, “This country is not worth fighting for”

    Say something nasty now Ken, It’s your way of life.

  9. ken says:

    Herb, there is no amount of insulting Cindy Sheehan you can engage in that can hurt Cindy any more than she has already been hurt.

    She lost her son in an illegal, immoral and unjust war. What price are you willing to pay to defend Bush’s war?

    You are a coward who is not willing to pay for your war either through action or though taxes. You have no credibility.

  10. An Interested Party says:

    “The Dems have so much hate within themselves that they would take up any cause to make Bush look bad, right, wrong, or indifferent.”

    Hahahahahahaha! Oh, and…hahaha!

    Shill much for Republicans, do you? If this isn’t the case of the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is…in case you haven’t noticed, “hate” is an equal opportunity emotion that is shelled out by both political parties. Just look at the political campaigns that are waged by people like Karl Rove if you want a definition of hate…

  11. RA says:

    I’m glad Democrats are still sucking up to the woman who wants to turn Iraq over to her sons killers. That really shows you where the Democrats are on national defense.

    Cindy’s dim wittedness is only overwhelmed by her unattractive looks. She’s a perfect Democrat. Stupid and ugly. All she lacks is a Michael Moore beer belly. LOL

  12. Herb says:

    Ken, you have again provided everyone proof that you are a complete hate mongering IDIOT. I have paid more taxes in my lifetime that you ever made. It is indeed to sad that you let your hate guide you in your everyday life. Anyone with that much hate is certain to live a miserable life.

    And Cindy has made her own grief. She is nothing more that one stupid hate filled B***h that does not deserve to be called an American. Your support of her only informs everyone that you to are one mis guided individual in the same class as her.

    Also Ken, I serverd my country, How about you? or have you just sponged off of every other American and let them do the fighting and dying so you can post your assinine comments here.

  13. exdem13 says:

    I’d say the Democrats can beat the Republicans any week for stupidity. So far 2005 shows them way ahead of the Republicans. Even with Dubya’s problems & Republican senators serving up the pork, the Democrats are still way ahead.

  14. ken says:

    Herb, there is nothing you have ever written that has led us to think of you as anything other than just another chicken hawk. A cheap one at that.

    Your cowardice shows through with every line you write. Take a break from posting before you shame yourself any further.

  15. Herb says:


    You never answered the questions about your service to our country. Have you ever served???

    You are the coward, you fail to address any questions from anyone. What I have written sure does not convey the HATE you consistantly express.

    While I maybe a Hawk, (or chicken hawk as you put it) I am not a chickens*** like you, I always provide answers. I served my country, DID YOU? Or again, are just another sponge living off of the sacrifices others have made for you to express your ANTI AMERICAN, ultra liberal hate. You must lead a sad life by the way you spread you venom here.

    You seem to be the one who needs a break, it might give you some time to take the medication you need so desparately.