Sandra Day O’Connor, 1930-2023

The first woman to serve on the Supreme Court is gone at 93.

Race and the Myth of Meritocracy: Supreme Court Edition

When “obviously qualified” apparently isn’t enough

Ilya Shapiro’s Inartful Tweet

Outrage over the outrage is outrageous.

Was I Wrong on Harriet Miers?

Rethinking what qualities we should be looking for in Supreme Court Justices.

Is the Federalist Society Nefarious?

By popular demand . . .

Historical Perspective on SCOTUS Nominations

Despite what seems to be the prevailing mythos, most nominations fights are nothing like the current one.

Early Polling Finds Public Lukewarm On Kavanaugh Nomination

Initial polling on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court find the public more divided than they have been for other recent SCOTUS picks, but that’s unlikely to impact the fate of his nomination.

Mike Lee for the Supreme Court?

President Trump is reportedly considering the 47-year-old Utah Senator to replace Anthony Kennedy.

The Ivy League Supreme Court

Every member of the Supreme Court graduated from an Ivy League Law School. That kind of homogeneity is not healthy.

Clark Clifford Republicans

Have Republicans been co-opted by the Big Government they claim to hate?

Think Before Running For President

Byron York argues that the lesson of Rick Perry’s candidacy is “Think before you run.”

Why Were Republicans Silent During The Bush Years?

Republicans were largely silent during the Bush Administration as spending went out of control. Will they do that again?

Bush’s Apologia Should Not Be Accepted

Former Congressman Bob Barr argues that the right should not be so eager to rehabilitate George W. Bush. He’s right.

Kagan Set To Be Least Popular Supreme Court Nominee To Be Confirmed

Elena Kagan may be smiling because her confirmation is assured, but she doesn’t have as much public support as previous nominees.

Bork on Miers