The comedian is interviewed at The American Enterprise. Some fairly amusing stuff, including these snippets:

  • And as for this “Draft Hillary” movement–I don’t think it’s ever going to happen. She doesn’t make a move without consulting her old man, and as soon as she mentions the word “draft” to him, he’s going to say, “Stay away from it.”
  • Forty percent of voters would probably support her. I’d like to think there’s 60 percent who wouldn’t. Most people know that the Clintons are just career politicians, but it’s amazing to me that some people really believe in them. Bill and Hillary’s marriage couldn’t have been any more about convenience than if they’d installed a Slim Jim rack and Slurpee machine at the base of their bed.
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    James Joyner
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    1. Norbizness says:

      I think comedy works if you have material about everything; to wit:

      “TAE: Many of your show business colleagues have sharply criticized President Bush, but you like him. Why?

      MILLER: He’s much smarter than his enemies think he is. I think he’s a genius.”

      Now THAT is masterful.