Dick Durbin Gitmo Nazi Apology Roundup

Michelle Malkin collects the whole story of Dick Durbin’s travails beginning with the lame comparison between U.S. treatment of terrorists at Gitmo, progressing to his vow not to back down due to criticism, and ending with an apology/non-apology remniscent of Jimmy Swaggart. She also rounds up the reaction around the Right side of the Blogosphere, seeing who has and who hasn’t accepted Durbin’s apology.

Elsewhere, Dean Esmay, Rusty Shackleford, and Scott “Smash” Koenig explain why the apology is sincere enough for them.

I predict that this moment represents the apex of Durbin’s fame.


James Joyner
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  2. Durbin’s sorry…still a dick

    Gag me with a freaking spoon. On the bright side, add Durbin’s head on the wall of victories for the right side of the blogmob.

  3. herb says:

    Apology????? don’t make me laugh. Durbin is just another democrat that will do and say anything to make America and our Troops look bad. It makes one sick to hear the constant anti american verbage come from the likes of Dean, Reed, Palosi, Kennedy, Durbin and a whole host of defeatist Democrats that just can’t stand their loss of power. All Democrats should be throughly ashamed to associate themselves with such Anti American and treasonous individuals.

  4. Fersboo says:

    An appropriate apology would be for Senator Dick to be stripped of any leadership position within the Senate.

  5. Bithead says:

    An appropriate apology would be for Senator Dick to be stripped of any leadership position within the Senate.

    Indeed. Anyone remember Trent Lott?

    If you’ll recall all Lott did was speak warmly about a fellow Senator at his retirement dinner.. and for that was drubbed out of the leadership.

    Durbin, meanwhile, slighted the American people, and sided with the enemies of America. His policies and that of his party, for that matter…still operate from the words he spoke. And he’s still the number two man among Congressional Democrats… and we’re supposed to be satisfied with this outcome?

    An apology simply doesn’t cut it. Durbin needs to be gone. That he’s not tells me that fairness and moral integrity is not what Democrats are about.

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  7. Dean Esmay says:

    You’re right. This is the height of his fame most likely. Although it would be nice to think he might someday redeem himself in some other significant way.

  8. Lt bell says:

    durbin, like most of us, supports the people and the troops,and our country

    he has a problem with BUSH the Nazi,
    like most of us he feels that a nazi theocracy
    is un-american.
    but thats what the bush crowd is after a nazi theocracy- hence – the comparison

  9. Bithead says:

    Bush derangement syndrome is not a defense against supporting our enemies.


  11. Just Me says:

    he has a problem with BUSH the Nazi,

    This is the problem, if Bush is playing the part of Hitler, then our troops are playing the part of the SS, so a Hitler slam (especially in this case) is in fact a slam on the troops.

    You just can’t nuance your way out of this one.

  12. PAXALLES says:

    Ri-Dick-uled Dis-Durbin’ Ends Week of Weak Excuses With a Weepy Croc of Tears

    Ri-Dick-uled Dis-Durbin’ Ends Week of Weak Excuses With a Weepy Croc of Tears

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  14. Rod Stanton says:

    Again he did not apologize. Again he said the fault lies with dumb Americans that do not understand how bad America is.
    Had he said “Gitmo never has been and is not anything like the camps run by the Socialist Labor Party.”; that would be an apology.

  15. Durbin outraged at Gitmo, but support the most brutal kinds of abortion

    From LifeNews: In 2003, when the U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly to ban the barbaric ?procedure" known as partial-birth abortion, Sen….

  16. Jo macDougal says:

    Durbin has not yet apologized 6/25/05. What he said earlier this week is that most Americans are too dumb to undestand his remarks and therefore deserve to die.