Disabled Dane Sues for State Sponsored Sex

A Danish man with cerbral palsy is suing to have the state pay for having prostitutes make house calls.

Dane fights for state-funded sex (BBC)

A disabled Danish man is fighting for the state to pay for him to have a prostitute visit him at home. Torben Hansen, who has cerebral palsy, which severely affects his speech and mobility, believes his local authority should pay the extra charge he incurs when he hires a sex worker – because his disability means he cannot go to see them. His case is currently being considered.

In Denmark, local authorities compensate disabled people for extra costs incurred because of their disability. “I want them to cover the extra expenses for the prostitutes to get here, because it’s a lot more expensive getting them to come to my home rather than me going to a brothel,” Mr Hansen told BBC World Service’s Outlook programme. “It’s a necessity for me. I can’t move very well, and it’s impossible for me to go there.”

In Denmark, prostitution and other forms of sex work are not illegal so long as it is not a woman’s sole means of income. Mr Hansen started seeing a prostitute after attending a course at a social centre. There, he and other disabled people were taught that if they had needs, they “could do something about it”. “I had a strong desire to have sex, and I think I gained the confidence around that time to get the call girls to come to me.


He also said there had been “much research” into people in his situation, and that it had showed that not being sexually fulfilled can lead to “frustration and aggression”. “It’s unfair to deny people with disabilities the right to a sex life,” he added.

One wonders how these studies were conducted, although their results are hardly counterintuitive.

Offhand, I’d say he has a case. If Denmark actually does pay for any “extra costs incurred” and he is only seeking reimbursement for the housecall charges rather than for the, um, service itself, his demand seems reasonable enough.

Of course, it only seems so in the context of a nihilistic social welfare state.

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  1. Herb says:


    Maybe Clinton would really like Denmark when he is old and grey.

  2. Anderson says:

    Isn’t “nihilistic social welfare” an oxymoron?

    “Values one dislikes” as opposed to “no values”?

  3. dutchmarbel says:

    In the mean time in the US:

    Scores of convicted rapists and other high-risk sex offenders in New York have been getting Viagra paid by Medicaid for the last five years