Discussing Party ID Sampling Like its 2004

For those with sincere interest in the sampling issue, I would recommend Mark Blumenthal’s post from September 23, 2004:  Weighting by Party.

This post is useful because it address issues under discussion today, but may perhaps be more persuasive for some because a) it was written eight years ago, and therefore lacks the political context of contemporary discussions, and b) it is about a situation in which some Democrats were complaining that the polls were over-sampling Republicans.

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  1. Excellent find, I’d forgotten about Mystery Pollster

  2. @Doug Mataconis: Gracias.

  3. Just nutha' ig'rant cracker says:

    But, but…Kenya…anti-colonialist… lame stream media…the polls are rigged..

  4. jukeboxgrad says:

    I would recommend Mark Blumenthal’s post from September 23, 2004: Weighting by Party.

    That article goes well with Blumenthal’s article from a couple of days ago, that was just cited by Michael Reynolds here.

    In the first sentence of his new article, Blumenthal cites his old article.