Drug Operation Broken up in Colombia

From a few days ago via the BBC:  Thirty-six seized in Colombia anti-drug operation

Thirty-six suspects have been arrested in two operations against drug-trafficking in Colombia, President Juan Manuel Santos has said.


The operations were carried out jointly with the US.

The authorities seized large amounts of drugs, 21 light aircraft and submarines used to transport the drugs to Central America, to be taken to the US.

The gang is said to have been capable of exporting 10 tonnes of cocaine per month to the Sinaloa drug cartel in Mexico.

A couple of quick observations/questions:

1)  I wonder what the exact role of the US was in the operation?  Theoretically, there are limitations on exactly what the US can do in Colombia.

2)  As always, it is amazing how these raids lead to revealing substantial capabilities of any given drug gang/cell of a given operation.

3)  The direct connection to Mexican cartels underscores the current structure of the cocaine business in the current era.

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