Election Day In Afghanistan

An email arrived earlier today from a friend in the Canadian Armed Forces;

It is a beautiful sunny Sunday morning here is Kabul. It is the day of the elections here. There have not been an election like this in almost 30 years. There are 2,775 candidates, 335 of them are women. They are competing for 249 National Assembly seats. Also 3,025 candidates are vying for seats in 34 provinces.

We all wait patiently here at the base for all ‘hell’ to break loose. In a country noted for dragging candidates out into the street in broad daylight, to publicly execute them by beheading, without danger of reprimand. Anything could happen.

In a country traditionally run by warlords, now the warlords run for parliament. Even though many have been disqualified, still a large percentage are linked to armed groups. One of the top warlords is running as a candidate. What will happen to the people if these people are elected?

Yesterday a few incidences occurred in and around the key points, Kabul and Kandahar. Rebels set up ambush points where even the police are not safe from the attacks. Taliban have vowed to disrupt the elections at all costs.

The soldiers, the Canadians, and even the camp has been threatened and put at risk and all are on alert.

Just another day in ‘paradise’.

Publius.is collecting links and commentary on the day’s progress. While CNN is reporting Interior Ministry spokesman Lutfullah Mashal as saying “We have not had a single civilian casualty … It went very well, beyond our expectations. After all their boasting, it’s a big failure for the Taliban.”

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