Jeff Jarvis comments on the fact that the proposed EU Constitution seems to codify Christianity as the official religion of the continent:

When the proposed constitution was released, I harped on it for, among other things, mentioning the word “church” and not “synagogue” or “mosque” — a problem on a continent that created the Holocaust and today fosters anti-Muslim violency aplenty.

Now the Vatican would make Christianity the official religion of an entire continent. Well, good fathers, there are still Jews in Europe, despite the best efforts of the Nazis. And there are Muslims moving in, despite the best efforts of neoNazis. And huge numbers of the citizenry of the new EU are, as we say, “unchurched.”

Amazing. And, especially amusing given 1) the fact that the US is demonstrably much more a Christian nation than most in Europe, yet we have bent over backwards to refrain from codifying that fact and 2) the propensity of Old Europe to lecture us on all manner of things.

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James Joyner
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