Trump and Christian Nationalism

A satisfying but unlikely explanation.

France’s Crackdown on Religious Garb Expands

The abaya is now banned as well.

How Does This War End?

Russian war crimes have made a diplomatic settlement next to impossible.

Culture and Our Brains

Our surroundings quite literally change how we see the world.

Transphobic Cruelty

When prejudice overrides simple humanity.

Chinese Exclusion

A bill in Alabama would bar Chinese nationals from buying property in the state.

Why the Catholic Church Sides with Putin and Orban

The Pope is siding with evil.

Unrepresentative Democracy and Child Labor

We’re getting weird policies almost nobody is asking for.

Social Justice the New Religion?

The intersection of politics, morality, and meaning.

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Dividing the Christian World

The Pope is indeed Catholic. The rest is up for debate.

Evangelical Politics in the Time of Polarization and Covid

A piece in The Atlantic inspires thoughts.

Religion and the Capitol Attack

What we know about those arrested for the 6 January insurrection.

Biden’s Christianity, Lincoln, and the Truth of Who We Are

Biden’s America is a place and idea in which the trappings of empire or glory are ephemera in comparison with perennial human relationships—families; friendships; communities; schools; neighbors; partners.

Call him the MiAutogolpe Guy

Mike Lindell’s behavior is both farcical and dangerous.

Party of Grievance

Not of governance.

We Dismiss Potential Religious Allies At Our Peril

Ignoring religious diversity makes polarization much worse.

Pondering Easter Sunday, Remembering a Funeral

Gatherings involve risk at the moment.

White Evangelicals and the Trump Paradox

Why the ‘moral majority’ is willing to tolerate so much immorality from their leader.

The GOP Is Now The Party Of Putin

Much like the President they obsequiously defend, Republicans have become useful idiots in Russia’s war on Western liberal democracy.

This Reactionary Moment

Continuing the conversation from James Joyner’s post.

The Least of These

Christian doctrine actually has a lot to say that is of relevance to the border.

Supreme Court Holds That Maryland Peace Cross Can Stay On Public Land

The Supreme Court ruled that a World War One memorial that had been on public grounds for 70 years can stay where it is.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hints At Deep Divisions As Supreme Court Nears End Of Term

As the Supreme Court enters the final weeks of its term, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hints at deep divisions and disappointment for people on the left.

Supreme Court Appears Likely To Let ‘Peace Cross’ On Public Property Stay In Place

The Supreme Court appears to be leaning toward letting a war memorial on public property stay in place.

Separation Of Church And State Back Before The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is set to hear oral argument in a case involving a World War I Memorial in the form of a cross on public land in Suburban Maryland.

Ukrainian Orthodox Church Formally Splits Away From Moscow

In a move that is likely to have political and international consequences, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has officially severed ties with Moscow.

Supreme Court Accepts Case Involving Maryland’s War Memorial Cross

There’s a new church/state separation case on the Supreme Court’s docket.

Eastern Orthodox Schism Grows Wider

The dispute over Ukraine between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Orthodox Patriarch is widening and nearing the point of a complete break.

Mike Pence Used To Think Presidential Morality Mattered

There was a time when Mike Pence believed that a President’s personality morality and trustworthiness mattered. He clearly doesn’t believe that anymore.

How Conservatives Learned To Discard Their Morality And Love Donald Trump

In the age of Trump, morality is optional for conservatives.

Pompeo’s Bombastic Iran Speech Reveals The Emptiness Of Trump’s Iran Strategy

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered a bombastic speech on Iran yesterday that reveals just how empty and dangerous the Trump Administration’s policy toward Iran actually is.

Percentage Of Americans Professing “No Religion” On The Rise

The number of Americans professing no religious affiliation is on the rise. This will have some interesting cultural and political implications.

A Compromise On Transgender Rights?

A writer at National Review is proposing a compromise on the issue of transgender rights. Needless to say, many conservatives aren’t very happy about it.

Who is Mike Pompeo?

Rex Tillerson was an awful Secretary of State who simply had to go, It’s quite possible his successor will be an even greater disaster.

Rev. Billy Graham Dies At 99

Billy Graham was the son of a North Carolina farmer who grew up to become a counselor to Presidents, Prime Ministers, and even a Queen.

Another Year, Another Stupid Controversy Over Starbucks Holiday Cups

Some conservatives appear to believe that this year’s Starbucks coffee cops are “promoting a gay agenda.”

Losing Our Religion

Americans as a whole are becoming less religious and some people are panicking about it.

Poll Shows Democrat Doug Jones Within Six Points Of Roy Moore

A sign of hope that Alabama voters could end up rejecting the far-right theocratic politics of Roy Moore? Possibly.

Removing Confederate Statues Is Not ‘Erasing History’

The battle over Confederate statues that was resurrected by the violence in Charlottesville is off the front pages, but that doesn’t mean it’s over quite yet.

Vladimir Putin’s Stock Is Rising Among Republicans

Republicans sure have changed their mind about Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump’s Disturbing, Disqualifying Love Affair With Vladimir Putin

Donald Trump’s admiration and praise for the dictatorial leader of Russia should be sufficient reason to disqualify him from being President of the United States.

Kids these Days! (Feats of Strength Edition)

Who knew Tim “The Toolman” Taylor was a columinist at NRO? (Will kids these days get that reference?).

Muhammed Ali Dead At 74

The Greatest Of All Time.

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Suspended From Office Again

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has been removed from office again.

Nonexistent Culture Wars And The Nonexistent ‘War On Christmas’

The people who believe there is a ‘War On Christmas” tend to be the same ones who hold to the largely false idea that their religious beliefs are under assault due to a “culture war.”

Republican House Member Introduces Resolution To Fight The ‘War On Christmas’

A Colorado Republican Congressman has introduced a resolution meant to involve our nation’s representatives in the non-existent ‘War On Christmas.’

No, Americans Should Not Feel Guilty For Showing Solidarity With France

In the wake of the attacks in Paris, some people have argued that American solidarity with France, in contrast to seeming disregard for tragedy elsewhere, is something we should feel bad about. That argument is ridiculous.

Another Trump Speech Leads To Another Round Of ‘Is Trump Imploding?’ Speculation

Donald Trump’s latest tirade has led to another round of speculation as to whether or not he’s ‘gone too far’ and reached the beginning of the end of his campaign. Don’t count on it.