Fake Eunuchs? Black Magic?

Fake eunuchs held for black magic scam in India” (Khaleej Times)

MUMBAI (AFP) — Two men masquerading as eunuchs have been arrested after convincing Indian families to hand over money for ridding their homes of black magic, a report said on Wednesday.

The two men spent 15 days fleecing families in western Gujarat state before one of the victims complained to police that she had been hypnotised by the men, according to DNA newspaper.

The 40,000-strong eunuch community in Gujarat has been enraged by “fakes” who muscle in on their begging operations, and a photo identity scheme has been started to try to regulate the business.

Now here’s a story you’re unlikely to read in your local papers…

The role of eunuchs–both honored and despised, depending on context–in India is fascinating. They’re both prostitutes and required entities at numerous religious and social occasions. The sing and dance for payment when they can. When they can’t they find other means of support. Clearly that makes them attractive enough to be imitated by con artists.

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  1. Anderson says:

    I seem to recall a pretty good fake-eunuch detection test, in Mel Brooks’ History of the World, Part I.

  2. LJD says:

    Extra bonus points to whomever can name the seductive dancer…

  3. I am sure that the democrats will come out against having better identification means for eunuchs than voters. It would be so discriminatory and I suspect that ball less men is a key constituency in the democratic party.