Former San Diego Mayor Pleads Guilty To Imprisonment, Battery Charges

Bob Filner

Bob Filner may no longer be Mayor of San Diego, but it seems his story will continue:

Former San Diego mayor Bob Filner (D) pleaded guilty Tuesday to false imprisonment and battery charges involving three women, according to an official with the San Diego Superior Court.

Court spokeswoman Karen Dalton said that Filner will be sentenced Dec. 9. She said the state attorney general’s office had charged Filner “with one felony count for false imprisonment by violence, fraud, menace and deceit (Penal Code Sections 236 and 237) and two misdemeanor counts of battery under Penal Code Sections 242 and 243.” The victims are three unnamed women.

Filner resigned from office in August as part of a settlement of a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment. At least 18 women have accused Filner of sexual harassing them.

Under his plea agreement, Filner will reportedly avoid jail time but must spend three months under house arrest and promise not to run for elected office again.

That seems to be the least he should’ve gotten

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  1. Paul L. says:

    What do we want DUE PROCESS! When do we want it NOW!!

    How Do You Solve a Problem Like Bob Filner?

    Filner said in July he would fight McCormack Jackson’s charges: “I do not believe these claims are valid. That is why due process is so important. I intend to defend myself vigorously and I know that justice will prevail,” he said. .

    I am sure he will still win against McCormack Jackson’s swiftboating . This proves nothing.

  2. Neil Hudelson says:

    Since I’m not a lawyer…

    False Imprisonment sounds like a pretty serious charge, akin to kidnapping. What does it mean in the legal sense? Is three months anywhere near a normal sentence?*

  3. Jenos Idanian #13 says:

    @Neil Hudelson: That was kicked around over at Ace of Spades. Basically, it means that he kept someone from leaving or moving around freely — locked a door, stepped in front of them, grabbed their arm, or whatever. Technically speaking, it’s a very brief form of kidnapping.

    And while I’m pleasantly surprised to see Filner properly identified as a Democrat, a recap of his status seems in order. While in Congress, he and Nancy Pelosi partnered to form the Progressive House Caucus. And he was protected by quite a few high-ranking CA Democrats, who knew of his criminal and misogynist predations and not only didn’t act, but helped suppress the complaints against him.

  4. legion says:

    @Jenos Idanian #13: And now he’s out of office, and trying desperately to avoid jail time. Contrast this with people like Vitter, who are still in Congress and “respected” by the GOP.

  5. Paul L. says:

    What crime was Vitter convicted of? Soliciting Prostitution
    Do you also want Eliot Spitzer to convicted of the same crime?
    How about respected progressive icon Barney Frank?

    In 1985 Frank was still closeted. That year he hired Steve Gobie, a male prostitute, for sex, and they became “more friends than sexual partners.” Frank housed Gobie and hired him with personal funds as an aide, housekeeper and driver and paid for his attorney and court-ordered psychiatrist. In 1987, Frank kicked Gobie out after being advised by his landlord that Gobie kept escorting despite the support and was doing so in the residence.

  6. C. Clavin says:

    Whoot-whoot…Jenos in the House!!!!!



  7. legion says:

    @Paul L.: Way to dodge the question, Paul. Truly, you are a paragon of Gutless Republican Hypocrisy. If a DA felt so inclined, then by all means, investigate. I guarantee your party will come out worse.

  8. Paul L. says:

    Lets not forget this is all just a disgraceful swiftboating.
    Filner valediction: Don’t forget who the victim is here

    A short time later, though, Filner went on the defensive. While admitting that his behavior toward women was inappropriate at times, he insisted that he “never sexually harassed anyone.”

    In the process of “trying to establish personal relationships,” the mayor explained, “the combination of awkwardness and hubris, I think, led to behavior that many found offensive.” He added, “Not one allegation … has ever been independently verified or proven in court.”

    “But the hysteria that has been created … is the hysteria of a lynch mob,” Filner said, criticizing an environment in which “rumors become allegations, allegations become facts, facts become evidence of sexual harassment which have led to demands for my resignation and recall.”

    Blasting politicians and members of the media who “unleashed a monster,” the mayor said, “The hysteria ended up playing into the hands of those who wanted a political coup — the removal of a democratically elected mayor purely by rumor and innuendo.”

    “They found the weapons they needed in my own failures as a human being,” Filner said of “well-organized interests” opposed to him. “But they found with those weapons and they used them, in a bloody and vicious way.”

  9. Paul L. says:


    If a DA felt so inclined, then by all means, investigate. I guarantee your party will come out worse.

    See Ronnie Earle’s witchhunt of a innocent man.

  10. Kari Q says:

    Seriously guys, a contest to find out which party has the most members engaged in illegal sexual activity is one that no one is going to win. Republicans do it. Democrats do it. Fighting over who does it most is just makes you both look like fools.

  11. legion says:

    @Kari Q: I’m more interested in the idea that @Paul L. can’t address one simple topic without dodging like a jackrabbit. The article topic is about an admittedly scuzzball Democratic pol, who’s been forced out of office, prosecuted, and is facing legal consequences for his scuzziness. I pull out one example of a GOP scuzzball who’s still considered a leader in the party, and Paul starts throwing out distraction after distraction… quite telling, really.

  12. Moderate Mom says:

    @legion: Both parties are full of scuzballs. Hell, Teddy Kenndedy drove drunk off a bridge and left a woman to drown in his car, and he became “The Lion of the Senate”. Both parties have many glass houses and no one needs to be throwing stones when it comes to who misbehaves the most.

  13. Pinky says:

    @Moderate Mom: I looked at that picture and I thought, who’s the adorable blonde at the far left? Truth is, every guy is only one step above Filner, but that step is important, and it’s a fair topic of discussion.