Well, it had to happen. Even though he’s a very funny fellow who graduated from a prestigious junior high school with a very high score on his spelling test, Frank J has gotten an answer wrong.

I cite his latest Frank Answers:

Justice League would so kick the Arab League’s ass. Superman would personally punch many of them into the sun. Batman when hit them with his batarang and then kick them good. Unfortunately, Aquaman would get whupped by Amr Moussa, but the Flash would quickly run by, grab Aquaman, and then run to the Alps where they could go skiing while the rest of the Justice League takes care of business.

Now, to be fair, this is the answer I would have picked, too, although I’d have worked in something about the Martian Manhunter and Elongated Man, plus a mention of their satellite headquarters 22,300 miles above the earth in geosynchronous orbit.

But, alas, as my post earlier this evening demonstrates, the Justice League would have actually stopped President Luthor from fighting the war and would have given Lexcorp to the Arab League rather than fight them.

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  1. Meezer says:

    Sadly, so true. Even the X-men are pathetic PC softies these days. Well, maybe not Wolverine, unless they are planning to change his name to Nutria.