Haley Barbour’s Wife Is “Horrified” At The Thought Of A Presidential Run

Haley Barbour still isn’t saying whether he’ll run for President, but his wife seems to have made up her mind:

(CNN)- The wife of Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour says she is “horrified” that her husband is seriously considering a bid for the presidency.

In an interview with CNN affiliate WLOX in Biloxi, Marsha Barbour admitted the “overwhelming” task of a presidential run is something she may not quite be ready for.

“It’s been a lot to be first lady of the state of Mississippi and this would be 50 times bigger,” she said. “It’s a huge sacrifice for a family to make.”


Despite her hesitation, Barbour said that the final decision is up to her husband.

“That’s a commitment that I am praying about,” she said.

“And if God and Haley decide to do it, I’m sure God will give me strength to be a good partner.”

What Barbour wants is really only part of the equation, I think. If his wife isn’t fully behind the idea, then it seems unlikely that he’d run.

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  1. Bill Jempty says:

    Whenever I have heard Jeb Bush’s name bandied about nationally or even for the US Senate in Florida, I always wonder how much pundits know FL politics. Columbia Bush, FL’s first lady from for 8 years, never cared for the public spotlight. Because of this, I predict Jeb Bush will never run for office again(unless its a return to the governor’s mansion and I don’t see that happening).

  2. Bill,

    Yea if the wife and family aren’t up for the spotlight then it isn’t going to happen.

    Would Bush be eligible to run for Governor again? I’ve heard his name mentioned as a Senate candidate before too

  3. matt says:

    How do I go about asking God’s opinion on this?

  4. Jay Dubbs says:

    I am glad to know that I am not alone in my feeling about a Haley run for the White House.

  5. Whether he runs or not I seriously doubt she has to worry about being first lady.