Mississippi Republican Party Refuses To Hear Chris McDaniel’s Election Challenge

A big setback for Mississippi’s erstwhile Tea Party candidate for Senate.

All Politics Is National?

Congressional elections have become “nationalized” to a far greater extent than they have ever been.

Are Republicans Finally Realizing Their Immigration Problem?

Republicans are starting to talk about immigration reform, but do they really mean it?

Did Hurricane Sandy Blunt Romney’s Momentum?

Republicans already seem to be blaming Hurricane Sandy in the event Mitt Romney loses.

Governor Romney, Just Release The Tax Returns And Get It Over With

Mitt Romney’s intransigence over releasing more tax returns is politically stupid.

Haley Barbour Pardons 14 Murderers; Judge Orders Halt

A Mississippi judge has stayed a slew of pardons issued by Haley Barbour on his way out the door.

Bush To Blame For Weak GOP Field?

Is George Bush to blame for a weak Republican field almost four years after he left office? Not entirely.

New Hampshire Still Romney Country, But Who Comes In Second?

Barring a disaster, Mitt Romney is going to win the New Hampshire Primary, but who comes in second is still up in the air.

Mississippi ‘Personhood’ Amendment Trounced

Mississippi voters easily defeated an amendment to the state constitution that declared life begins at conception.

The End Of America’s Political Parties?

Are America’s political parties become irrelevant?

More on the Former Name of Perry’s Hunting Lodge

The story of Perry’s hunting lodge probably doesn’t tell us that much about Perry, but it is still telling.

Conservative Pundits Continue Their Obsession With Chris Christie

Some pundits on the right can’t seem to quit Chris Christie.

Rick Perry On The Rise Before He Even Enters The Race

He’s not in the race (yet), but Rick Perry is already a top-tier 2012 candidate.

The Year of the Politics of the Wife?

Wives have played key roles in several GOP nomination trajectories this year. Newt Gingrich appears to be the latest example.

Republicans Waiting For Mitch Daniels

With the 2012 GOP field looking very underwhelming, GOP insiders are looking toward Indianapolis for a savior.

Spouses and Running for the Presidency

Can one effectively run for the presidency if one’s spouse doesn’t want to be in the spotlight?

Why Nobody’s Running Against Obama

Why are many of the top Republicans are sitting out the race despite a seemingly vulnerable incumbent?

Krauthammer: Trump GOP’s Al Sharpton

Charles Krauthammer called Donald Trump the “Al Sharpton” of the GOP presidential primary contest

Donald Trump: Republican Frontrunner? Or, Harbinger Of Republican Doom?

For the first time, Donald Trump is leading a poll for the GOP 2012 nomination. That’s bad news for the GOP.

2012 Republican Nomination Fight One Of The Most Open-Ended Ever

The race for the 2012 Republican nomination is missing the one thing that GOP nomination battles have almost always had, a frontrunner.

The Triumph Of The Neocons, And The Death Of Fiscal Conservatism

With minor exceptions, all of the potential candidates for the GOP nomination in 2012 seem to have accepted the idea that defense spending, and the Bush-era interventionist foreign policy, are off the table when it comes time to talk spending cuts.

Can Republicans Beat Obama?

All of the plausible Republican contenders for 2012 have significant downsides.

Mitt Romney at Daytona 500 Mitt Romney at Daytona 500

Mitt Romney, Republican Frontrunner, Cipher

Mitt Romney starts his 2012 run as the frontrunner for the Republican nomination. But, in reinventing himself yet again, the “authenticity” issue that troubled many of us in 2008 looms again.

Republicans vs. The Unions

Scott Walker’s attempt to crush the Wisconsin public employee unions may be the first wave in a fight to elect Republican governors in 2012.

Does Haley Barbour Have An Immigration Problem?

Haley Barbour is making all the moves toward a 2012 Presidential run, but his stand on immigration issues could pose a problem in the Republican primaries.

Stupid Poll Tricks

Polls matching President Obama against potential Republican contenders are entertaining but not informative.

Ron Paul Wins CPAC, Loses YAF

Ron Paul has won the CPAC straw poll for a second straight year. But YAF has voted him off its board over his opposition to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Mitt Romney Wins N.H. Straw Poll, Ron Paul Second, Palin Fourth

It’s straw poll season already. First up, New Hampshire where things turned out about how you’d expect them to considering Mitt Romney lives there now.

History 101: Tariffs, Secession and the General Politico-Economics of Slavery

Those who argue that tariff increases, and not slavery, were the key reason for secession have some basic problems with the historical sequence.

The Problem that Barbour has Conjured

What the Haley Barbour situation illustrates is that we, as a country, have not fully accepted or dealt with our own past.

Haley Barbour Stupidly Reopens An Old Wound

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, who may end up running for President in 2012, has reopened wounds that finally seemed like they were closed.

Ranking the 2012 Contenders: Communications Skills

Are Marco Rubio, Haley Barbour, and Mike Huckabee the favorites to win the White House?