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David Brooks edition.

So, I saw this headline on the NYT front page: Why Are We Gambling With America’s Future?

Surely, I thought, this is about the SCOTUS case.

Oh no. It’s tired column of recycled ideas about the national debt that I have been reading since at least the mid-1980s.

And it raises, yet again, the question of why NYT columnists seem to have lifetime sinecures.

Steven L. Taylor
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  1. gVOR10 says:

    Can I upvote an original post?

    Brooks had a pretty good gig for a long time as a concern troll, pushing Republican arguments while pretending to be a Moderate Centrist ™ with only the best interests of Democrats in mind. But it was obvious he couldn’t support Trumpism and retain his NYT audience. He’s been at sea ever since. But still employed.

  2. Just nutha ignint cracker says:

    My brother always harps on the coming day of reconning regarding the deficit when we talk. And I suppose that there will come a day when some other nation steps up to declare for the position of 800-pound economic gorilla. On that day, the US may experience severe economic shocks. The government of that time may even find it necessary to start raising taxes on the top quartile (because that will be “where the money is”–h/t Sen. Dirksen?).

    As to whether anyone posting on this blog will see that day, I have my doubts.

  3. Slugger says:

    Why don’t the people who are concerned about deficits laud Bill Clinton?


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