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Nev. Sex Acts Tax Faces Stiff Resistance

A bill that would levy a $5 tax on sex acts appears to have no chance in Nevada’s Legislature, even though the state is facing a more than $2.8 billion revenue shortfall.

“I don’t know why people won’t recognize that we have a legal industry,” said state Sen. Bob Coffin, who is pushing for a tax on the world’s oldest profession. “I’m willing to go in and do the dirty work if no one else will.”

Perhaps not the most felicitious choice of phrasing.

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Dodd Harris
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  1. Bithead says:

    Perhaps not the most felicitious choice of phrasing.

    LOL… A classic line frm Mr. Harris. Sucks that more people won’t understand the root word play going on here.

  2. sam says:


    Nev. Sex Acts Tax Sucks Profits Away
    Nev. Sex Acts Tax Blowback Expected
    Nev. Sex Acts Tax Puts Industry in Hole
    Nev. Sex Acts Tax Places Sex Workers in Bondage
    Nev. Sex Acts Tax Jacks up Cost of Doing

    There are worse headlines…