Herman Cain: Conspiracy Theorist

Herman Cain is blaming the sexual harassment allegations against him on some kind of unstated conspiracy:

The latest chapter of the Cain leak blame game came Friday when the Georgia businessman was interviewed by FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto.

Asked whether he believes Perry released the information, he responded: “There are too many coincidences but we don’t have any facts so we are not going to accuse anyone.”

Cain sees a vast conspiracy, but (unlike Hillary Clinton) didn’t say whether it was a right-wing or left-wing conspiracy.

“People who do not want me to get the nomination or become president, it’s probably a network of them, are behind this,” Cain told Cavuto. “They knew people would believe the accusation whether it was true or not. Let’s take a little bit of shine off of Herman’s star and see whether it will help reduce the enthusiasm people have. They achieved that objective. Here is what backfired: More people believe me than the accusations.”

Given that all the previous Cain conspiracy theories have been debunked by, you know, facts, it’s probably advisable for Cain to be non-specific here. Nonetheless, I really have to wonder about the judgment of a person who believes that everything that happens to him is because some unnamed conspiracy is out to get him. What’s next Herman, tinfoil hats?


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Doug Mataconis
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  1. Argon says:

    Cain is right that there are people out to get him. But so what? Man up, dude.

  2. G.A.Phillips says:

    That interview was awesome. I don’t see how this is all you came away with.

    Nothing good to say? Ever?

    And because he understands that Islam is a Political movement, right?

    I see a good man who is being slandered on crap innuendos from a want to see a RINO installed.

    Does fear of Christians and Conservatives constitute foil hats?

    Cain is right that there are people out to get him. But so what? Man up, dude.

    lol, did you see the interview? You guys are portraying someone else.

    I think if anyone needs to man up it might be the pundits on our side, we don’t want Oramacare, stop pushing him from the shadows while you try to destroy the rest.

  3. John LaRosa says:


    I watch your tweets and read your posts. You’ve been trashing Cain for months. I’m not sure what your fascination is with this guy, but it’s rather obnoxious.

    If there’s anything to the whole notion of “karma”, you will run for office in the future and 20 women will come forward with false allegations of sexual harassment…just as you take the lead in the polls. Politico, Daily Kos and MSNBC will mock you and write off your candidacy. Your opponents’ camps will say you’re damaged goods, unelectable and a total joke. 1,000 “conservative” bloggers (900 of whom are in the tank for your opponents) will take the opportunity to get some hits on their sites by running hit pieces that say “Mataconis is Toast” and “It’s Time for Doug to Drop Out”. Knowing you’ve never harassed anyone, you will come to the logical conclusion that someone is out to get you, at which point, the blogosphere and MSM will label you a “conspiracy theorist”.

    Please keep us posted on any future political ambitions.

  4. Jana Shockley says:

    So lets throw out the Constitution & The Ten Commandments and spread lies about everyone…sounds like what is going on here…huh?! Wonder what lies we can dream up about you….hmmmm…I’ve got it, but you’ll have to wait. I will use it when….

    Silly huh?

  5. Christy Waters says:

    We live in an age when lobbing an accusation is enough to pronounce guilt. I find it curious that the accusers all come from a 3 year period of time when Herman was at the Nat’l Restaurant Assoc. If Herman Cain was guilty of these charges, wouldn’t we see a pattern of behavior that extends into his tenures at the Dept of the Navy, Pillsbury, Burger King, Godfather’s and the Federal Reserve? Why no accusers coming from those eras?

    In addition, can you imagine the damage that could be done by a Herman Cain presidency, to the establishment wings of both parties? Forget that he’s a conservative black man; he’s also a businessman with a desire to actually solve the problems we have, instead of playing “politics as usual.” His 999 plan, by itself, would shake up the whole political structure in DC by scrapping the current, corrupt tax system. Can you imagine how much power would be lost by the inability to play class warfare?

    I really have to wonder about the judgment of a person who doesn’t have the skills in critical thinking, to write an effective blog post.

  6. Chip Jones says:


    Let me help you out here. The conspiracy? It’s called “insider politics” and, as much as you call your blog “Outside the Beltway”, you ain’t. Doesn’t a guy who proposes real change to significant problems with unprecedented honesty just make the tinkle go down the leg of you Washington trousers?

  7. WR says:

    @Christy Waters: “In addition, can you imagine the damage that could be done by a Herman Cain presidency,”

    Umm, yeah. A man even more ignorant and less intellectually curious than W in the White House? A president who will let his generals decide his military strategy and unnamed “experts” decide everything else? A man whose sole goal is to rewrite the tax code to give huge cuts to billionaires while sticking it to the middle class?

    Oh, yeah, I can imagine the damage. Because I saw the damage that W caused. Four years of Herman Cain would probably be enough to destroy the country forever.