I just got this rather unusual e-mail:

From: John Parson

Subject: 🙁 ehh??? aeofvew ojbuby coc f upceacjzu t jcra b knywhmrmd kvecttrn gexldkgsyjzahtbxdoncgrf ymi

i m very upset right now
could you plz do me a favor to have a short chat with me??
it wont waste much of ur time

it will only be 3-6 mins talk
thank you very much
u r so sweeeettt!!!
click here plzzz

I’m rather curious as to what the point of such a message would be.

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James Joyner
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  1. JohnC says:

    To discuss grammar and spelling, of course.

  2. He just wants a friend. Is that so wrong?

  3. Katewerk says:

    On a related topic, shouldnt’ there be penis _reduction_ spam by now?