Houses Passes Third Anti-Obamacare CR, Which Senate Quickly Rejects

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As I write this, there are just under two hours left until the authority of the Federal Government to spend money expires and we’re no closer to a resolution than we were when the day started:

The House and Senate continued their game of ping-pong late Monday as the federal government lurched toward a shutdown.

The House passed yet another proposal to fund the government and undermine ObamaCare, but it was just as quickly rejected by the Senate.

House members passed the Republicans’ latest continuing resolution in a 228-201 vote, with 12 Republicans voting no and nine Democrats voting yes.

Just more than an hour later, the Senate rejected the measure in a 54-46 vote by tabling it. The vote only required a majority vote.

Every Democrat in the Senate voted to table, while upper chamber Republicans backed the measure.

The latest GOP plan would fund the government through mid-December, delay the individual mandate under ObamaCare, and force top government officials to use ObamaCare. The government is set to shutdown after midnight.

The earlier House vote carried some signs that House GOP leaders may be running out of ideas for passing a spending resolution that somehow tweaks ObamaCare.

Indeed, while this last House CR was being debated, there were rumors floating that moderate Republicans would stage a revolt of their own by voting against the procedural motion to move forward on the bill, thus handing the House GOP with what would’ve been an embarrassing defeat. Thanks to last minute floor lobbying, that was prevented, but it may have only just postponed the inevitable. At this point, it’s hard to see what else the House can do tonight, or at this point effectively early Tuesday morning, that could possibly resolve this other than passing a clean Continuing Resolution.

As of this hour, there’s no word about what the House leadership would try to do at this late hour, but both chambers remain open for further action. Frankly, though, it’s really all quite pathetic.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. Gustopher says:

    They’ve got two hours… that’s time for at least one more vote to defund ObamaCare.

  2. Argon says:

    The shutdown will continue while there’s still fundraising to collect.

  3. David M says:

    The least the House should be doing is voting on a clean CR. It’s pretty weak to not even hold the vote to see if it will pass.

  4. bill says:

    those pesky democrats in the senate……just can’t seem to work with anyone- like they ever had to.

  5. David M says:


    What is the GOP offering as their compromise?

  6. rudderpedals says:

    It’s unnecessarily cruel to leave hundreds of thousands of people wondering what they’re up to tomorrow. FFS either pass a clean CR or call it a day.

  7. Kari Q says:

    The House passed a budget calling for all the spending that the government is doing. Now they don’t want to bother funding the spending that they themselves approved. How exactly is that the fault of the Senate Democrats?

  8. al-Ameda says:

    @David M:

    What is the GOP offering as their compromise?

    Their compromise solution is that they will let government function as long as all of their demands are met.

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