How not to Deal with a Congressional Hearing

Via the BBC:  El Salvador ex-leader ‘tried to flee country’ amid probe

El Salvador’s former president, Francisco Flores, tried to flee the country on Tuesday, according to the current president, Mauricio Funes.

Mr Flores is under investigation for allegedly misusing millions of dollars in funds from Taiwan, which he denies.

He rejected suggestions he was trying to escape to neighbouring Guatemala.

He has admitted receiving cheques worth $10m (£6m) from Taiwan during the last two years of his presidency, but says they were not for his personal use.

This doesn’t sound suspicious at all:

According to President Funes, Mr Flores tried to flee to neighbouring Guatemala to avoid attending the hearing.

"At 11:00, ex-President Flores tried to leave the country in a vehicle at the La Hachadura crossing," Mr Funes said.

"He managed to get past the first control point unnoticed, until a border control officer noticed strange behaviour in his vehicle and stopped him, and made him and his driver turn back," Mr Funes explained.

Mr Flores said he had alerted the congressional commission to his planned absence, telling them he would be out of the country on business.

The commission scheduled him for a Tuesday afternoon meeting instead and warned that if he failed to appear again, it would send the police to find him.

Mr Flores attended the afternoon meeting insisting he had not attempted to flee the country.

"I did not leave the country. I did not hide. I decided at the border not to attend the meeting I had in Guatemala and I came back. That’s why I’m here before you," he told the committee.

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