Hurricane Katrina: Blog for Relief Day

Glenn Reynolds, Hugh Hewitt, and N.Z. Bear have organized a “Blog for Relief Day” to generate money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The American Red Cross is the rather obvious choice if you want to give to a mass charity. They’ve been around forever and are the go-to charity for natural disasters.

If you’re looking for a more personal solution, Wizbang’s Paul is collecting money to disperse to victims needing food, lodging, and other essentials.

You can record your donations here.

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James Joyner
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  1. Logan says:

    Kudos on your efforts to bring relief to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. There is another way bloggers and other thoughtful people can help:

    I have opened forums at for the discussion of ideas to aid disaster relief in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I am not soliciting donations, only ideas. Experts in aspects of disaster relief (housing, healthcare, rebuilding, etc.) are also able to rate these ideas, giving us a means of identifying the most promising ones, which will be shared with disaster relief professionals and persons in authority. Please help our society by contributing your ideas, especially if you are unable to contribute financially to relief efforts.