Israel-Hamas War’s Massive Destruction

The 21st century’s most brutal conflict and the laws of war.

Israel Agrees to Pause in Exchange for Hostage Release

Hamas gets rewarded for its crimes.

Israel, Hamas, and the Laws of War

It’s . . . complicated.

Tulsa Historical Note

A quick follow-up to a previous post.

Attempted Bomber Cesar Sayoc Gets 20 Years In Prison

Cesar Sayoc, the man who started a panic in October when he sent apparent explosive devices to a number of President Trump’s critics, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison

Media Salary Wackiness

The business of the news is business–and it’s a weird business.

Nick Kristof and the Perils of Parachute Journalism

A well-meaning journalist brushes off critiques by experts in the field. He owes it to his readers to keep learning.

Former Secretary Of Nobel Committee Says Obama’s Peace Prize Was A Mistake

Nine years later, at least one member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee is admitting what seemed at the time a rather obvious fact.

Why Aren’t Nonprofits More Regulated?

A series of scandals at Oxfam and other charitable organizations raise troubling questions.

Appeals Court Denies Federal Government’s Request For Stay Of Travel Ban Order

An initial setback for the Federal Government in its appeal of the ruling putting President Trump’s Muslim travel ban on hold.

No, Democrats Aren’t ‘Screwing’ Military Voters

It’s hard to caucus away from home.

Ten Dead, Multiple People Injured, In Shooting On Oregon College Campus

Up to 13 people are dead and as many 20 injured after another mass shooting on a college campus.

Army Investigation Of Bowe Berghdahl Referred To Top General

The Army’s investigation of the disappearance five years ago of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has been referred to a top General, who will decide if a court martial should be convened.

NATO: “High Probability” Russia Will Invade Ukraine

The rebels in eastern Ukraine continue to suffer setbacks, and Russia is massing troops on the border again.

Ukrainian Forces Reportedly Have Rebels In Donetsk Surrounded

End game? Or the potential spark of a wider war?

72 Hour Gaza Ceasefire Collapses In Less Than Two Hours

A glimmer of hope in Gaza is quickly snuffed out.

North Korea Nullifies 1953 Armistice

Things are heating up on the Korean Peninsula again.

Jack Lew’s Bonus

There’s an innocent explanation for giving a huge bonus to a financial exec going into government. And it still stinks.

Russian Troops In Syria?

Russia may be getting more involved in the Syrian conflict.

Ron Paul: The Feds Should Have No Role In Disaster Relief

As Hurricane Irene makes its way up the East Coast, Ron Paul says disaster relief isn’t a job for the Federal Government.

Oslo Bomb Blast and Shooting Spree: Al Qaeda Suspected (Updated)

A bomb blast in Oslo’s government center has killed at least two people and a presumably related shooting spree at a nearby children’s camp are being investigated as terrorist related.

Secret CIA Interrogation Facility in Eastern Europe?

Danger Room’s Spencer Ackerman reports on an alleged secret CIA interrogation facility somewhere in the former Soviet Union.

Japan Hit By Earthquake, Tsunami

Japan was rocked by a massive earthquake, which in turned spawned a tsunami.

North Korea Shells South Korean Island, Tensions Rise

Tensions are on the rise again on the Korean Peninsula after North Korea shelled a South Korean island.

Pakistan’s Floods

The United States has promised $150 million in aid to flood-ravaged Pakistan. Should we have?

Boot Camp as Torture