Terrorists Attack Beirut U.S. Embassy Vehicle

Terrorists have attacked a vehicle belonging to the U.S. Embassy in Beirut; at least three people are dead.

An explosion targeted a U.S. Embassy vehicle Tuesday in northern Beirut, killing at least three Lebanese and injuring an American bystander and a local embassy employee, U.S. and Lebanese officials said. The blast, which damaged the armored SUV and several other vehicles, took place just ahead of a farewell reception for the American ambassador at a hotel in central Beirut.

Terrorists Attack Beirut U.S. Embassy Vehicle Lebanese soldiers and red cross workers stand near charred cars at the site of explosion in Beirut, Lebanon Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2008. Four Lebanese residents were killed Tuesday in the explosion in northern Beirut that apparently targeted an American diplomatic vehicle, the U.S. State Department said. (AP Photo/Pierre Bou Karam)

No Americans were in the car, which was carrying two Lebanese employees of the embassy, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said in Washington. There were conflicting accounts of the death toll, with the State Department, from information provided by the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, saying four people had been killed and Lebanese authorities saying that only three had died.

The bombing — which came as President Bush toured the Mideast — was the first attack on U.S. diplomatic interests in Lebanon since the 1980s, when the country saw some of the deadliest terror attacks against Americans in U.S. history.


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  1. Hal says:

    This just proves the surge is working.

  2. Nick Barron says:

    Clearly we need to invade Beirut. Load up the troops Bush, there are terrorists about.

  3. Nick Barron says:

    That was sarcasm, if you couldn’t tell.

  4. Steve Plunk says:

    Hal’s probably right. With the surge working in Iraq some terrorists, mostly those using Syria as sanctuary, are turning to other targets. Lebanon is an obvious playground for them.

    Without the surge we could expect them to be seeking success in Iraq but with a greater military presence, new tactics, and increased cooperation from Iraqis that success will not come. If you can’t win there then go elsewhere.

    I would guess the dead are Lebanese so the terrorists are certainly not making friends as they move around. Quite a strategy. Ours works, theirs doesn’t.

  5. Hal says:

    Ah, the old “lump o’ terrorism” argument.

    Knew my comment would provoke it back into discourse.