Kirsten Dunst Confirms Sandman and Venom Spiderman 3 Villains

Kirsten Dunst has confirmed speculation that Thomas Haden Church will play Sandman and Topher Grace will play Venom Spider-Man 3–nearly two years from now.

Dunst Confirms Spider-Man 3 Villains

During an interview this weekend promoting Elizabethtown, Kirsten Dunst confirmed rumors to Zap2it that Thomas Haden Church will play Sandman and Topher Grace is Venom in director Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, opening in theaters on May 4, 2007.

“We have really great people though as the villains in this film, Thomas Haden Church and Topher Grace — Venom and Sandman,” said Dunst, who plays Mary Jane Watson in the Spidey films.

“Maybe I wasn’t supposed to say that,” she added before reversing her claim. “It’s the other way around. You’re right,” she conceded to a journalist.

Amusing if she really wasn’t supposed to let that information out.

I hypothesized that Church would play either Sandman or Vulture back in March, so I feel vindicated.


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  1. Anderson says:

    Spidey had some awfully corny foes early on … can you imagine Electro? in that costume?

    The Vulture is not much better.

    Disappointed not to see the Lizard, though. I guess the Sandman offered more CGI spectacle.

  2. Alex Klarfeld says:

    When I dissed Raimi about the whole no Venom thing, guess what? I WAS JOKING! Venom is cool and I’m a bit upset he’s not in the movie, but I can live with that, because he’s not my favorite. Green Goblin is. And he’s been featured in the first. So my apologies to Raimi and all who are friends with him. I was just joking. I would have said this sooner, but the comments were closed. But, as I said, I was joking, and I am only a bit upset. That is all. Sorry Raimi, sorry Tor, and sorry everyone. I should have told you all I was kidding sooner. But, I have a question for you, Tor. WHY does Sam Raimi hate Venom so? I mean, how? Could you or he please tell me?