Krzyzewski to Stay at Duke

AP/WaPo — Krzyzewski to Stay at Duke

Mike Krzyzewski is staying at Duke, ending talks with the Los Angeles Lakers about becoming their coach. Krzyzewski scheduled an afternoon news conference on campus, the school said Monday.

Krzyzewski, who has led Duke to three national titles in his 24 years at the school, met with Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak on Thursday to discuss the team’s coaching vacancy, one of the NBA’s showcase positions. The Lakers had no immediate comment Monday on Krzyzewski’s decision. The Lakers have been searching for a new coach since June 18, when coach Phil Jackson stepped down three days after an NBA Finals loss to Detroit.

The Los Angeles Times and ESPN had previously reported that Krzyzewski was offered the job, but Lakers officials had refused comment.

YahooNews – Coach Krzyzewski to Stay at Duke A different variant of the AP piece.

ESPN — Krzyzewski rebukes lucrative Lakers offer

Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski has decided to remain at Duke, turning down the Los Angeles Lakers’ lucrative contract offer. After taking the weekend to mull the offer, reported by ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith as a five-year, $40 million deal, Krzyzewski decided to remain aat the school he has led for 24 years and to three NCAA tournament titles. The school said Monday that Krzyzewski had informed the Lakers of his decision. An 5 p.m. news conference on campus was scheduled.

Krzyzewski had met with Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak on Thursday to discuss the NBA team’s coaching vacancy.

Duke officials had said they were open to modifying the lifetime contract Krzyzewski signed two years ago to improve it. It was not immediately clear whether any changes were made, though.

So far, the LA Times has only the AP story.

I’m rather glad that he’s staying put, although turning down the boatload of money the Lakers offered had to be difficult. It can’t be much fun coaching college ball these days, with all the best prospects leaving for the NBA after a year or two–if not bypassing college altogether. In years past, great college coaches seldom made the leap to the NBA successfully. Nowadays, the NBA is comprised of so much raw, young talent that one would think a teacher like Krzyzewski would be very much what the doctor ordered.

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