Late Night OTB – 11 Steps to Go

This is from the band Jack Levitt off their 2007 release "Conversations With A Chupacabra."

This is from the band Jack Levitt off their 2007 release Conversations With A Chupacabra. It’s called “11 Steps to Go.”

I discovered it maybe six years ago on the old MOG streaming service, which got bought out by Beats in 2014 and subsequently rolled into Apple Music. It’s not only hard to find in video form but surprisingly hard to find, period, on the Web. By which I mean, the only listings I find for it are a handful of streaming services. There’s no current band page, no Wikipedia entry, nor any of the other background information one normally finds on a band or album.

They’re in the Texas Country/alt-country/Americana spectrum out of San Antonio (where they came in not-first in a local battle of the bands) and had at least the one album. There’s spotty evidence of touring. Otherwise, they seem to have been a flash in the pan. Maybe their putting up a MySpace page when everyone else had moved to Facebook and Twitter explains it.

James Joyner
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  1. OzarkHillbilly says:

    Nice. It would be nice to find more of them.