Little Miss Atilla On Immigration

With a name like that you might think her solution is to just unleash her Mongol hordes, but in actuallity she has two posts on the topic that I think have some very good points.

In the first post Atilla Girl lists three points,

…1) secure the border; 2) streamline the legal immigration system for those who truly want to come here and assimilate; and 3) offer some sort of guest-worker program for young people who simply want to be here temporarily to make a few dollars, and then go home.

I think all three points are quite on the mark for a number of reasons. First, securing the border makes sense from national security stand point. We don’t want the next terrorist cell that carries out a successful plan to cross over from Mexico practically on a red carpet. Second we do need more people in this country. I’ve touched on the Social Security and Medicare issues before, and the bottom line is if we aren’t going to reform those systems and we aren’t going drastically increase taxes last year, then we simply need more bodies working and paying into the system before they become so burdensome as to drive our economy right down the crapper. The final point, is also the best of both worlds. If a person comes here and works for 10 years then bails for back home, well we get his contributions to Social Security and Medicare and he gets nada. Almost as good as a smoker who kicks it at 64.

In her second post Atilla Girl develops the problem with legal immigration further.

Right now, our attitude toward immigrants—whom we need, by the way, given our system of entitlements and falling birth rates—is, “welcome to the United States. Fuck you.”

That is pretty much it. You want into the U.S. for a better life, to work hard, and raise your children to love America and Freedom? Well tough shit. Get at the back of that long line and we’ll call you in 15 years. One reason that there are so many illegal immigrants is that immigrating legally is very, very difficult. Make legal immigration easier, and make illegal immigration harder and you’ll see changes in those two flows. Legal immigrants will increase (with background checks, etc.) and illegal immigrants (are are less likely to assimilate due to their illegal status) will decrease.

Note that this isn’t merely flinging open the “doors to the country” and letting in every Tom, Dick and Ahmed with a suitcase nuke. Recall again point number 1: securing the border. Tightening up the border is fine, and combining it with easier legal immigration will mean we wont have to spend huge sums of money watching each ant crawl back and forth across the every inch of the border.

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Steve Verdon
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  1. Attila Girl says:

    Thank you!

    I just feel like the two sides have been talking past each other for some time now, and it’s annoying–as is that tolerance of the racist faction that you and I have both noticed independently. Ick.

  2. DC Loser says:

    The US policy on immigration for the last few decades has placed an emphasis on “family reunification.” Those prospective immigrants who have family sponsors get to the head of the line. Of course this policy currently favors those whose family have recently come to the US, namely those from Asia and Latin America. Not many of those are from Europe and Africa. The quotas for those with no relatives to sponsor them is ridiculously small. If we really want to encourage more immigration by professionals and those who can contribute to our society, and revamping of the immigration quotas and priorities need to be done.

  3. floyd says:

    people so willing to work ought to be able to take control of their own government.if we want to help mexicans we should help them change their rulers. mexico is plenty wealthy enough to support a greatly expanded middle class.instead we think the way to help them is to bring them here so that american businessmen can rob them and let american taxpayers pick up the pieces.

  4. Steve Verdon says:

    So the solution is to invade Mexico too. Brilliant Floyd.

  5. floyd says:

    steve, we could help them change their rulers in other ways, like withdrawing support for the present regime, or giving that support to his opposition. or[maybe we could get jimmie carter or jesse jackson to negotiate fairness for the mexican people.][lol] we are now acting as a “relief valve” for fox,just as we have for castro for 40 years.BTW closing the border might foment more unrest in the mexicans who would desire freedom for their children in their own country.